Go See This! Stick Fly on Broadway

I had the privilege of attending the performance of “Stick Fly” this past Saturday night.  As a guest of “The Moms” I went solo to check out this performance that I have heard so much about.

Leave it to me to get turned around in Times Sq. of all places, but I finally made it to the theater in time for the opening act.  I was extra excited to see RENT royalty Jessie L. Martin and Rosario Dawson sitting nearby in the audience.

I purposely tune out any media and reviews before I see a play because I love to be surprised.  I was not only surprised by this play but was left with questions, answers, thoughts and hopes.  Luckily there was a  post show cast + producer chat after the show.

Alicia Keys along with host La La Anthony came out at the end of the show to moderate a Q&A session with the audience. It was such a rare oppurtunity to set an inside view from the cast and hear a little about each one.  The all star cast included such actors as Mekhi Phifer, Tracie Thoms (RENT), and Ruben Santiago-Hudson.

Alicia Keys spoke about how moved she was from the script and how it’s a play that everyone can take something away from no matter their race or color.  With such thought provoking lines and envelope pushing statements, she was glad someone finally decided to make such a surprising play. With a weekend that breaks down and builds back up, I think everyone can relate to the family drama that was experienced by this play.    With such roller coaster performances and uniqueness, Alicia hope the big screen is next for this play.

The only thing wrong with this play was that it left me wishing for the next act.  Thanks again to “The Moms” for a great night!