Summer in the City Part II

Summer has officially come to an end and what a summer it was!  I was lucky to have escaped an earthquake but not so lucky with Hurricane Irene. Other than the highly irritable weather, the rest of my summer was excellent! After years of being a non-driving New Yorker, I decided to jump behind the wheel, load up my GPS and was set free! I drove from one end of the Hamptons to the other for the good part of August.  I met my clients on the beaches and in their homes and had the most amazing family photos shoots that I will never forget! There was sand, water, smiles, wind, and rain but everything worked out in the end just as it should!

This morning my canvas turned from the beach back to Central Park where I met my clients for a family photo shoot. They wanted to take their precious two boys back to the spot at the Museum of Natural History where they were married.  With the sudden temperature shift, there are no more shorts but jeans and long sleeve shirts. I was back on the streets and not in my car driving down a perfectly manicured beach road. Oh how the seasons change!

After the shoot on the train back downtown I glanced at the working girl in the black sleek dress, Prada bag + Longchamps bag probably holding her office heels, lunch, and sweater. I look at her as if looking into a mirror to my past life and smile….. In my bag I now have a camera, extra batteries, and a 1X1 sq. inch memory card that contains images for a lifetime. These photos will be in albums, frames, holiday cards, Bar-Mitzvah/Wedding slideshows and passed down to future generations.   Out of the subway, and instantly in the Union Sq. green market, across the park I head home at 9:15am. No, my day is not over it is just beginning…. but what an incredible start!