Swimming with Aaron Piersol

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of attending an event at the Empire Hotel with my son and significant other dadarocks!. Considering it was the 2nd hottest day of the year so far…. being at a rooftop pool in the city was too good to be true! The special event was hosted by auro-dri….. the official product of the American Swimming Coaches Association.

On hand to spend time with our little ones was Aaron Piersol, the official spokesperson for auro-dri.  Who would know more about swimmer’s ear than an Olympic Gold Medalist?  Aaron was amazing. He entertained the kids, showed them proper swimming techniques and silly water tricks all afternoon!

Check out the view from the Empire Hotel.... wow!

Growing up in TX, I definitely spent my fair share of time in a pool and remember the dreaded alcohol drops after a swim. They would leak everywhere,,, in our mouth, eyes, and basically anywhere but getting into our ear.  Auro-dri has created the solution to painless, effortless drops that will protect your ears and prevent swimmer’s ear!

Aaron Piersol showing the future Olympic swimmers his moves! Pics

It was such a great day seeing my son splash around in a pool (a rarity living in NYC). The highlight was seeing the smile on his face as Aaron let him put his gold medal around his neck!  I was instantly panicked that the kids would hurt, drop, or damage the medal… but Aaron was completely relaxed and happy to let them play with it!

My son and husband reiterating a valuable lesson for the day....."Reach out, take a leap of faith, and everything will work out!"

I’m so happy we have our Auro-dri drops ready and waiting for all the swimming we will “hopefully” get to do this summer! You can find a coupon at www.auroear.com.

Thanks Aaron and Auro-dri for a great day!