Go Big

It’s that time of the year again………

Twice a year Big City Moms hosts the most amazing baby shower ever!  It’s definitely the place to be for expectant and new moms alike. I even witnessed a new trend this year of moms with 1+ yr olds.
Vendors enthusiastically set up to display their latest and greatest products.  Attendees will see products that are not even available for sale yet!  This truly is the most coveted admission in the city.
I myself had a table this year “www.suzannecohenphotography.com” and also photographed the event from start to finish.  I loved seeing the faces of people as they moved from booth to booth enjoying gourmet horderves and mingling with friends and family.  Each year the bar is raised to set a new standard in the baby industry and Big City Moms is consistently at the top!
At the end of the evening each attendee picks up their massive gift bag and draws a raffle.  This year every single person also went home with a stroller.  Helpers escort the overly gifted lucky ladies to the street and help arrange for a cab while smiles are seen from every angle.  Just one more thing to be happy about……………

Go Big City Moms!