Summer in the City – Part 1

As I painted my toes this morning a blinding hot pink (Essie’s Pansy), it hit me that Summer has begun. Officially it begins this weekend with the kick off of Memorial Day. However, with the sudden tropical heat inside my apartment, the spotting of Naval Officers in town for Fleet Week. it’s already getting dangerously close to Summer in the City!  What plans do you have???

Part One of our summer travels is complete. We had an amazing time in FL with my husband’s grandparents and enjoyed Disney with my son+SIL/FIL.  The wheels of life keep spinning as I now take my son to places I went as a kid! I could not help but think how crazy it is that so many of the rides (especially in Epcot) have not changed at all.  This is both nostalgic and disturbing at the same time haha.

I know I am not the only one with a packed summer. I already see all the updates on FB of friends starting their summer travels. Whether it is Rome, or a little closer in PA… most everyone has something to look forward to.  My next big trip is to TX with Marc while visits Park City, UT for a conference. We will be re-uniting in the Hamptons where I will hopefully be mixing business with pleasure with photo session bookings on the beach!

I can already tell this is going to be an exciting summer so here’s to Summer 2011! Cheers (clink clink)