Mother’s Day at Michael C. Fina

In preparation for Mother’s day I forced myself to go out today and fight the masses at Walgreens searching for 8 cards to send to our Moms, Grandmother’s and Aunts! Just a warning.. more than one person is getting a Mickey Mouse card thanks to my 2 yr old helping out!!

I jumpstarted my Mother’s Day Celebration this morning with a brunch and trunk show at Michael C. Fina, hosted by Big City Moms. It was such an amazing event with decadent morning bites + mimosas. Many different lines of jewelry were showcased with knowledgeable reps on hand to answer any questions. I fell in love with the Heather Moore line on the spot! Her designs were so unique and truly one of a kind. The antique(ish) charms and semi precious stones can be added, taken away, etc etc for multiple looks. I made a little note on the handy “cheat sheets” that were available for husbands and partners who have just given up on surprises!

Michael C. Fina also gave away one very special piece of jewelry. Each attendee was given a key upon entry and asked to try and open the glass encased box. Inside was a gorgeous charm bracelet with a diamond heart charm. As we mingled and chatted with fellow “moms” and reminisced about engagement gift shopping, we watched one person after another try to unlock the case. I finally decided to try my luck and went over to the case. I watch the person in front of me manage to get the key all the way in, but it would not turn. My turn next! I placed the key in… but mine was wayyyy off. It would not even go in a little. As I was about to walk away, the attendant told me to turn it over.. oh ok! I put my key in, turn right (nothing) turn left and OMG! It opened!!!! I could not believe it! Soooo exciting. I do happen to love the bracelet, but the thrill of “winning” is just the best!

Not only did I leave with the bracelet, but each lucky mom also received a gorgeous silver “mommy” necklace! Thanks again to Big City Moms for hosting such a great event!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!