What a Royal Day!

Hello World,
It is my greatest thrill to announce the arrival of my new blog … “Gotham Love!” I have been going around and around trying to pick the best day to jump in and it hit me this morning (earrrrrly this morning).
Today would be the day.  Today is such a great day anyway.  It’s Friday, absolutely gorgeous outside, I have been living in the city 9 yrs on this day, AND It’s a Royal Day!

The purpose of my blog will be to discuss lifestyle trends in and around NYC.  Gotham Love will be all over the map which is pretty much how I live my life anyway! I can’t wait to discuss everything from secret city finds to restaurants and must have items of the season! I’ll also be randomly discussing headlines that hit me in the moment like today! As I just mentioned….. Gotham Love will not focus on any one topic so each post will be a total surprise!

Let’s go……….

This morning- iPhone alarm goes off at 4:30AM… (another 9 minutes won’t hurt).. snooze……… 4:39AM- I’m up!

I turn on the TV and try to decide what station I am going to watch and narrow it down between ABC and CBS.  I clearly got up way too early, but if I fall back asleep I’ll never wake up and will miss everything.  I’m checking my FB to see the usual suspects awake as well and watching.  My Sis-in-law in TX and Mom even bought morning goodies to keep them awake (or in their words to give them a reason to wake up haha) I quickly made my new favorite tea (imported from England of course).. PG Tips – thanks Lyndsay! After a frantic call from my Mom whose cable went out of all the days… I instructed her to go online to watch live which worked thank goodness.

Now.. the big moment…… the dress….. the hype…. the dieting……. the speculation…… the hopes…. the dreams….. the….(out of the car)…. wow… ok, it’s super pretty….. Kate looks gorgeous…..but…..hhhmmm….. something is not quite right……..

is it the way Kate looks absolutely flawless? No!
Is it the way her sister is so spray tanned it’s distracting my dress opinion forming?  No!
Is it the way commentators immediately pegged her as “Grace Kelly” the second she steps foot out of the car? No 

I watched the ceremony and processional to the Palace loving every minute and after I called it quits around 8:30 I started thinking of all the dresses Kate could have worn!  This was her day, her moment in time, her wedding that will be frozen for all eternity and she was immediately tagged as someone else.  I LOVE that Kate and her Prince tried to be conscientious of the economy and did not partake in extravagant floral arrangements (in my opinion the biggest waste of $$$ ever!) but this was also a Royal occasion and I think the public wished for a little more excitement!  Even Diana took leaps and bounds with her dress at the time!

The Designer was Alexander McQueen, but the dress spoke nothing of his Avant-Garde style and show stopping edginess. I couldn’t help but think he must have been rolling over in his grave! Kate has always been so uber stylish that I was surprised she played it as safe as she did.  I heard a tip just yesterday it was indeed a very safe dress..but no idea it was THIS safe!  Again, I feel so much of this was to downplay any extravagances but looking back in time…..Eva Perón never worried about her fashion luxuries in a bad economy and people “loved” her for it!

I think Kate will be revolutionary in bringing style and grace to the court and picking up where Diana left off. I look forward to seeing everything these two people bring to the world.  It was a picture perfect day and I even look forward to seeing the pictures posted everywhere! I just wish the dress looked something a little more like………………

Welcome to Gotham Love Everyone!