PeuroBaby – Natural Baby Essentials

There is nothing more exciting than preparing for a new baby! Parents want to make sure the baby has everything he or she may need and friends and family love to shower the expected parents to be with gifts and non essential items. I can remember myself and all the fun I had picking out items for my first son. Continue reading PeuroBaby – Natural Baby Essentials

A Totally Tiki Party at NY Kids Club

The New York Kids Club is New York’s premier children’s enrichment center we go way back! It was one of the first places I signed my son up for classes over 8 years ago at their 22nd Street location. As a toddler, he loved the play space and as a mom I loved the ultra clean environment, inviting staff, and a calendar of exciting programs to choose from. Continue reading A Totally Tiki Party at NY Kids Club

Back to School with TSUKIHOSHI Shoes

This back to school year will be a very special one for me! My 4 year old daughter will be attending the same school as my 9 year old son for the first time. I remember when my son first started  school in lower Manhattan, I walked the 3 flights of stairs every morning pregnant and now she will be holding my hand as we go up the stairs! Continue reading Back to School with TSUKIHOSHI Shoes

#LoveLearning – National Summer Learning Day with Lands’ End

As we all know learning is an ongoing process. Whether one is in nursery school, college, or well into their golden years…. the brain never stops learning. My kids have only been out of school a couple of weeks, but I can already see we may need some educational activities to keep things fresh. Im so happy to have partnered with Lands’ End and can’t wait to share some of the fun activities that are all part of a special love learning campaign. Continue reading #LoveLearning – National Summer Learning Day with Lands’ End

Dressing Beautifully with Florence Fancy

As a mom there is nothing I love more than to see other parents who take the time to care for their children both inside and out. I can relate to those moms and dads who understand the need to make their children feel loved and important. I also think our outermost layer often tells a story to those around us and for children who are learning who they are, this can be a self discovery! Continue reading Dressing Beautifully with Florence Fancy