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A First Timer’s Guide To Mont-Tremblant Resort

As a relatively new ski family we’re always looking to visit new mountains.  With growing kids and living in the Northeast, we are lucky to have many options but visiting CANADA has been on my mind for quite some time. We’ve only heard great things and this was the year to find out for ourselves!

We’ve now been skiing for several seasons, and I’ll admit, I can slowing relax with the kids becoming more confident with their skills. We’ve visited many different resorts in the U.S., but Mont-Tremblant has been on my bucket list for awhile. I’ve always heard how wonderful this year-around Canadian Resort is, and we now have some memories of our own!

Just a short 40 minute flight from Newark airport, we couldn’t believe how convenient it was. After landing in Montreal, we rented a car and drove approximately 1hr and 45 minutes to the resort.  Just for reference, for anyone living in the Tri-State area, you could also make to the resort in about 7 hours depending on your appetite for driving.

We were greeted by the most picturesque and quintessential ski village, and I could instantly tell this was going to be a ski trip we would all remember! There are many different lodging options on site with shopping and restaurants everywhere you turn. There was a casual and approachable feel with plenty of selections that could suit any mood.


Mont-Tremblant is a destination that can give you as much as you need. The mountain runs from 8:30 to 3:30 and when you’re not enjoying the beautiful trails, the village itself was our favorite part of the trip. Our three kids ages 15, 10 and 8, spent their time trying new foods, throwing snowballs, and relaxing by the fire at the end of a long day.

I’m sure many people have been on ski trips where you’re  hauling your ski gear all over (+ your kids) , waiting for a bus, walking, or all of the above! The gondola system at Mont-Tremblant is a game changer and made getting to the base of the mountain so easy. It continuously runs from 8:30-3:30 and zips you up in no time. We were surprised how fast it actually went and made things so easy to move around. The kids felt independent and of course us parents were as happy as could be without hearing complaints.

One thing I was concerned about was the temperature. We were told by many people to be prepared for much colder weather than we were used to in the Northeast. I listened, and prepped as best I could. Make not mistake it was definitely COLD, but nothing we couldn’t handle with extra layers, handwarmers, and a few extra breaks in the day. The mountain is magnificent and I’m so lucky we were able to experience it on a beautiful day.

We didn’t spend all of our time on the mountain with so much to do around the resort. There is a new indoor water area that was so much fun and the kids played here for hours. With multiple slides, interactive water toys, and a hot tub, the kids had a great time!

With the mountain closing on the early side, there’s plenty of time for apres-ski. There are so many chic restaurants with fabulous menus and some even have outdoor dining with cozy heat lamps. Come as you are in your ski boots and relax after a busy day. We found the restaurants to have plenty of options for adults and kids and loved the French influence of the resort.

One day we were feeling extra adventurous and traveled a short 10 minutes outside of the resort to the most epic snow tubing trails we’ve ever seen! The best part is no walking back up the mountain! A pulley system allows you to stay in your tube. The kids stayed much longer than I anticipated in the cold temps and had an absolute blast! Don’t miss this if you are at Tremblant!

As with any family travel, the unknowns are always the hardest to prepare for and in my opinion also the best things to look forward to. We loved Mont-Tremblant so much and have been spreading the word how amazing this resort is. Thank you for having us Canada and we look forward to visiting again one day! For more information be sure to VISIT HERE




Kalahari Resorts & Conventions at the 2023 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

#ad This post is sponsored by Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

This year at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Kalahari Resorts float is returning! Our family looks forward to the parade every year and this one will be no different! It’s our tradition to wake up early and see it in person on the streets of New York City. I can’t even describe the energy of the crowd, but it’s truly the most joyous occasion of the year for us!

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Kalahari Resorts and Conventions always strive for a bigger and better experience for their guests and the Kalahari’s float delivers just that! It’s no doubt confetti will reign this year and we will Make More Memories at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this holiday season!

My girls were so excited to receive a special package from Kalahari which only reminded them of all our fun family moments at America’s largest indoor waterpark! Any activities we can do as a family is so important to me and makes vacationing at  Kalahari an easy choice!

My youngest daughter went straight for the plush characters and both girls were mesmerized by the beautiful Kalahari Snow Globe. This globe will be the perfect new holiday décor this season in our home! The Kalahari Resort Mugs already have me thinking about the coffee I’ll be pouring on Thanksgiving Day to make sure we get to the parade on time! The tie-dye sweatshirt blanket is the perfect thing to keep us all warm and toasty on parade day!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this Holiday season, Kalahari has an amazing Black Friday Offer! It’s the best sale of the year and you can save up to 30% on your next getaway with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY. This incredible offer is available to claim starting on Thanksgiving (11/23) through Cyber Monday (11/27). See their site for more details by clicking HERE!


There are endless activities for the entire family at Kalahari making it the best destination ever! There are awesome dining options, an arcade, spa, and of course the epic indoor waterpark!!!  My kids never have a dull moment and dare I say us parents can actually relax a little too!


Be sure to take advantage of this great Black Friday deal this holiday season by giving a Kalahari gift card to let your loved ones choose their own unforgettable experiences at one of Kalahari’s 5 resorts!

My Invisalign journey with Park Avenue Orthodontics

I recently ended my  Invisalign journey with Park Avenue Orthodontics and I still can’t believe how wonderful my smile looks. As a 2nd time braces patient ( the first being a child ) , this was a whole different experience. This time, there would be no metal, no painful adjustments, and no hiding behind my smile. Invisalign was a game changer and perfect for this stage of my life!

From the minute I stepped in the lovely office in August of 2019, I knew this would be an amazing journey. The staff at Park Avenue Orthodontics is just the best and the care I received was like none other. My initial scans showed  minor crowding of my lower teeth and alignment issues on top. I was set up with my first set of trays and started to wear them day and night. No longer 13 years old, I was willing to do whatever it took to quickly straighten my smile. Below is a photo of my final scans reflecting a perfect bite!

After a few rookie mistakes of accidentally throwing out my trays and digging in the trash, I quickly learned to remember them. We all know it happens, but wearing Invisalign definitely comes with responsibility. The staff was super understanding when this happened and got me back on the right track!

Enter 2020 and COVID. Lucky for me, I had just visited the office prior and had supply for many months. However, the office did not go dark and re-opened as quickly and safely as possible. Protocols were put into place, virtual appointments set up, and staggered in- person visits. I was honestly so impressed with the professional manner that Park Ave Orthodontics handled the global pandemic. Safety measures are still in place and I would like to thank them again for making sure the staff and patients stay safe!

Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen is a 2021 Diamond+ Invisalign Provider and the primary reason my smile looks as great as it does! I was lucky enough to be seen by Dr. Janet at most of my appointments.  She honestly helped me more than I can tell you by noticing how off centered my bite was. With Invisalign, it doesn’t take long for a space to close or tooth to shift into place, but jaw misalignment takes a little longer.  I made a commitment to complete the journey  and I’m so glad I did! I can happily say I have no more popping jaw issues and my bite has never felt better! Because of Dr. Janet’s care and concern for her patients, my bite is 100%  where it should be (confirmed by final scans) and I can’t thank her enough!

It’s been a couple of months since I had my buttons removed on my teeth and  no longer wear trays. I still catch myself all the time thinking I should be wearing my Invisalign and forget I’m actually done! I do, however, wear a retainer each and every night to make sure my smiles stays exactly as it should.

If you are wondering what your smile could look like or have ever been curious about the process, I would highly recommend Park Avenue Orthodontics. Their team will make sure you get the care  and the best smile possible!

For more information, please visit Park Avenue Orthodontics.