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BIG things await at Big Sky Resort

Winter sports are a relatively new activity for myself and family. Living in New York City, we have plenty of ski resorts within driving distance which is wonderful to have options close to home. Growing up in the South I certainly wasn’t near any mountains and therefore never learned to ski. In all honesty, I surprised even myself when I discovered the love of snow skiing. It’s a good reminder there’s no expiration date on having fun and trying something new! Continue reading BIG things await at Big Sky Resort

Big Things are coming to Big Sky Resort

This Big Things are Happening at Big Sky Resort feature is sponsored by Visit Montana and Big Ski Resort.

Now that I’m a snow”skier”,  a whole new world has opened up! I can now relate to topics of conversation that include everything from the terrain conditions, open trails, and new chair lifts. A few years ago, I would have had zero clue about any of these things, but after visiting several ski resorts I have a new appreciation for all things snow and ski! Continue reading Big Things are coming to Big Sky Resort