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After School with Instagram

Last week I was invited to attend an after school even with Instagram. Whatever plans I had quickly took a back seat when I received the invite….because INSTAGRAM!  NYC public schools started back the day before the event, so the topic of conversation seemed more relevant than ever! I, like so many parents have questions, concerns, thoughts and fears when it comes to monitoring social media for our kids. I was beyond excited to hear Instagram’s take on their own social platform. Continue reading After School with Instagram

Back to School at Westfield World Trade Center

I never take for granted how lucky I am to live in lower Manhattan with my Family. We loved it when we moved downtown over 6 years ago, but now with the recent retail and commercial growth, it’s truly amazing. Once the Westfield World Trade Center opened, our food and shopping options significantly increased. It also gave us an escape to wonder around in the large white dome structure whenever we feel like it. Continue reading Back to School at Westfield World Trade Center

Color Factory – Where All The Color Begins

What’s 20,000 square feet and a palette of colors inspired by New York City?  Color Factory has arrived in New York City and it’s my favorite Pop Up exhibit to date! With 16 new site-specific installations, it’s truly a one of a kind experience. As a New Yorker living in my world of black, gray, and often neutral colors,  Color Factory really reminded me how colorful NYC can really be! Continue reading Color Factory – Where All The Color Begins

Summer at the Summit of Windham Mountain Resort

This summer our family went back to Windham Mountain Resort to experience all the fun minus the snow. As you may recall we had our first ever family ski trip to Windham Mountain this past year. It was an experience we will never forget and my son is already planning another winter ski trip for us!  Continue reading Summer at the Summit of Windham Mountain Resort

Back To School Bash with Momtrends

My summer would not be complete without attending the annual Back to School Bash with Momtrends. This year it was bigger and better than ever with so many amazing brands. There were some I’ve connected with before and, as always, there were some new brands on the scene. This year was extra special for me because my 5 year old daughter came along to be apart of the back to school fashion show! She crushed it by the way! Continue reading Back To School Bash with Momtrends