Staying in the Game with Bowflex

I’ve been an avid exerciser pretty much my entire life. Feeling fit and experiencing the joy of wrapping up an intense workout has always been something I need in my life regardless of my surroundings or current state. As a child I would visit our local swim club and sneak in the weight room and jump on the machines until I was told to leave. I would also carry around the weekly workout class schedule like it was a coveted document and see what might be a good fit for me. Early on I realized I could control how my body looked with exercise and I loved the idea of being strong and physically fit ( and still do!)

When I was in high school, the elliptical “stair stepper” machine was invented and I had to have one! Imagine… working out in my own home? This sounded too good to be true! Don’t get me wrong, I was already doing my fair share of workout videos … yes, I loved Jane Fonda… but this was an actual machine.

Fast forward to my life story with countless gym memberships in various towns, thousands of dollars spent on monthly memberships, and endless calories burned on treadmills, step classes, weight machines, etc etc. The reward has always been worth it for me and I’m always looking for the next thing when it comes to fitness.

My current status is a mom to three living in a NYC apartment. I can no longer make that “5:30” spin class or Saturday morning Pilates session that I loved! My life has changed for the better and I fully accept this but I still miss my regular workout regime. Sure, I still have a gym membership and squeeze in a spin class here or there but it’s really no the same.

I’ll admit, I’m still curious about these in home workout machines that claim to do things like “burn twice the fat in half the time” sort of thing. This could solve my problems of not making it to the gym one day because one of my kids is home sick, or it’s summer break, etc etc.

I feel like my problems are now solved since I discovered an in- home workout machine from a brand we’ve all head of. I’m so happy to have partnered with Bowflex to test out one of their latest ( & greatest!) model. The Bowflex Max Trainer M8 uses the all new “Max Intelligence App” which literally learns your fitness level and adjusts to your next workout. There’s no surprise why the Bowflex Max Trainer M8 is currently the most popular model.

As I mentioned, we live in a modest NYC apartment space, so my first concern was clearly…”where am I going to put this”? Not to worry, the footprint is surprisingly small and I just have it in a corner. So far no one has complained! The non slip mat is perfect for no sliding and of course making sure our downstairs neighbors aren’t bothered with any noise issues.

The Bowflex Max trainer truly gives me a full body workout unlike any other in home equipment I’ve had. Also, as a women, it hits the areas I need which I don’t get from a treadmill or elliptical. For instance, since it works your arms out too, I can feel the burn on the underside of my upper arms, and also my legs are getting a targeted workout on the upper back thigh area which is great and easily missed in other workouts.

With built in WiFi, I have the option of using a tablet for my workout and following along with a class, or I can just choose a program on my own. I’ve tried them all out and prefer the 20 min interval option. This will definitely leave you drenched in sweat and even if it starts out “easy”, you will be challenged to the Max!

The Bowflex Max Trainer is designed to help you work smarter not harder, which is exactly what I need in my life right now! I don’t have the luxury of spending hours at the gym going around to different machines to get the same result in the end. The best part about this machine, is that I can jump on it whenever it’s convenient to ME!

I love the digital enhanced dual mode LCD/LED screens, and I can easily see my results and look forward to achieving my goals with every workout! For anyone needing to get in shape, stay in shape, or try something new… I hight recommend the Bowflex Max Trainer M8

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