Kindi Kids- Showing Kids How Fun Back To School Can Be

It’s that time of year again when parents are shopping for back to school items and making sure their little ones have everything they need to feel prepared and confident on their first day of school. This year my four year old daughter will be joining her older siblings at the same school and we are all very excited for her. We have talked about this day for so long and I can’t believe it’s almost here!

We all know Pre-K is such an important step before entering Kindergarten. Kids learn important rules, classroom routines, and age appropriate skills that pave the way for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. Our kids are only little once and I really try my best to give them all the love and support necessary as well as anything else I can provide to make for a seamless journey.

Childhood is a unique experience of course, no two are alike, but there is one common thing that kids love….TOYS! Toys bring out smiles, laughter, and joy. Toys create an environment for imaginative play and watching these moments unfold are priceless!

My two girls recently discovered Kindi Kids from Moose Toys and haven’t stopped playing with these cute Snack Time Friends. Immediately upon first glance, they were both drawn to their brightly colored hair, fun clothes, glittery eyes, and quirky bobble head design. The Kindi Kids have something in common with my girls since they are all around the same age!

Kindi Kids are the cutest pre-schoolers you’ll meet and they love attending Rainbow Kindi! We keep an open dialogue at home which has been helpful to build that positive energy for back to school jitters!

Just like fashion, electronics, and everything else, toys also evolve with the times. I love how on-trend Kindi Kids are. They really are dolls for this next generation with their unique look. My daughters love these dolls for so many reasons including the changeable clothes and removable shoes. My younger daughter immediately commented on her doll’s “cool hair and pretty shoes.”

Each doll also comes with their own interactive food-themed accessories. Marsha Mello has a “cake pop” and “Babycino.” It’s so fun to watch the cake pop separate from the wrapper or watch the tiny marshmallow rise to the top of the squeeze bottle. The accessories are so genius and allow for little kids to think they are doing something really advanced. For instance, the Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Doll – Peppa Mint comes with an ice cream accessory with a twist and pull action. You never know what flavor she will get which is really fun. My 4 year old whispered to me last night that her older siblings didn’t know how to play with the toy correctly but assured me “she knew.” I didn’t say anything and let her have a big girl moment.

I’m so happy my girls have these sweet dolls which were designed to help make going into Kindergarten a bit less scary and show just how fun and safe it can be! Our own journey into Kindergarten is around the corner. There are four friendly characters available and retail for $24.99 at Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart and more. Be sure to also check out the playsets as well!

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