Getaway to Sunny Hill Resort & Golf Club

Everyone knows the phrase, “What comes around goes around” right?” Well, at Sunny Hill Resort & Golf Club, it’s still going around STRONG! Sunny Hill is a family-friendly, all inclusive resort located in the Greater Northern Catskill Mountains of New York. It was named one of the 10 best all-inclusive resorts by Parents Magazine and Trip Advisor. I visited with my family recently and completely understand why it’s so easy to fall in love with this beautiful resort located in Greenville, NY.

Upon arrival I was a little taken back by the retro vibe and simplicity of the accommodations. My city kids are accustomed to larger than life exhibits, unique immersive experiences and in-your- face branding. I was holding my breath they would give our family weekend getaway a chance.  My daughter picked up a fly swatter and asked me what it was. I laughed out loud and knew we were on the right path to having a great time as I nudged them out the back door to the patio. We were ready to explore this picturesque resort.

We all know it’s important to unwind and relax. Now, it’s acceptable and on trend to “unplug” as well. It only took us around 2.5 hours from NYC to arrive at this beautiful location with mountain views. At an all-inclusive resort like Sunny Hill, everyone is on the same page and this was a constant vibe I felt during our stay. The friendly and warm staff was welcoming and accommodating and quickly gave me the layout of the land and our activities list upon arrival.

Our first adventure was to play at one of the many playgrounds on site. My girls quickly gave them all a name. For instance, the red one or the green one—too cute! They had a blast just running around and exploring at their own pace. The shoes were the first thing to go and for once I said nothing and let them be free.

Three family style meals a day are included in the all-inclusive package. Kids can participate in fun things like “ringing the dinner bell” which my girls loved. At our first meal we were greeted by one of the current owners. I learned so much about this family owned resort and I’m proud to say we visited on the 99th season of Sunny Hill history. Next year they will celebrate the 100th season of providing families with lasting memories. It’s clear to see the sincerity of the staff and I was moved to witness the high level of hospitality they provide to ensure all guests create their own family memories at Sunny Hill.  

With more than 600 acres of beautiful landscaped grounds, there’s no shortage of activities to keep busy if relaxing by the pool is not for you. Guests can play 36 holes of golf, go fishing by the lake or take part in any of the activities included in the daily schedule. Activities include things like: kids’ kickball, horse racing for dollars, bingo, rock climbing, pool activities, shuffleboard, lawn concerts, lawn bowling, magic shows and more. There are also excursions that include a trip to Howe Caverns, Woostock, Cooperstown and more! (Transportation is included)

Sunny Hill is the perfect destination for a summer vacation and dreamy getaway. The weekend we visited it was quite warm and we spent tons of time in the pool! There is an incredible splash pad I noticed kids of all ages were playing at. There was also a baby pool and another pool with two water slides. The pool area was a big hit and my six-year-old spent hours having the time of her life.

The fresh air and open spaces area so inviting and at any given time you will see people sitting out on the manicured lawns enjoying the outdoors with their family and friends. Speaking of friends, we instantly met other families and this made our stay so much more fun. We discovered a common theme which was people have been visiting Sunny Hill for generations. One man we spent time with came as a child and now he comes back every year with his family! The other family has been coming for 10 years and looks forward to their trip every summer. At dinner each night there are awards given, milestones to commemorate and special mentions, and believe it or not one family was celebrating their 65th anniversary at Sunny Hill! Amazing!

I learned at Sunny Hill that simplicity is sometimes the best. My girls had the best time just being kids. My six-year-old rode a big wheel for the first time and played soccer in the grass with new friends. Little things like having a late night dance party with a live band (and ice cream, of course) made such an impression they asked to do it the next night. You will learn quickly that every night there is something different at Sunny Hill. Families can really experience the most if they stay a full week to take advantage of the detailed schedule .

We took a walk to the lake one afternoon and had yet another “first time” experience on the paddle boats. I had so much fun with my daughter and we laughed and laughed as the sun was shining on our face. Shortly after, my daughter and husband fished for the first time! They actually caught a fish and although we quickly returned him to his home, it was a thrill like no other.

The evening activities were definitely my favorite. Riding in a military vehicle and monster truck around the property was so fun (and bumpy!). The Friday night lake party is not to be missed. This is what I would call the final hurrah of our trip and made such a lasting impression on all of us. It’s an extravaganza under the stars and includes live music, ice cream, rides and hot dogs. The spectacular fireworks set to music was so beautiful—be sure to wear your red, white, and blue!

Sunny Hill was such an oasis for my family and I can’t thank them enough for hosting our family and for their warm hospitality. I always wondered what vacationing in the Catskills would have been like years ago and now I feel like I know! Luckily there are now modern twists to help families make new traditions and lasting memories. We can’t wait to continue our own tradition at Sunny Hill.

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