Staying Calm with Air Wick Freshmatic Pure Automatic Spray

What is it about life that can sometimes be so “smelly”? Between bathroom odors, the kitchen, and throw a few kids in the mix and the day to day smells can be overwhelming. As a mom, I feel like it’s my responsibility to make sure our home doesn’t “smell bad” and to be honest I need some extra help. I’m so happy to have discovered a new product from Air Wick. The Freshmatic Pure Automatic Spray has got me covered by providing a continuous 24/7 odor neutralizer. After all, I have too much to do as it is, and this sleek little machine gives me peace of mind as I tackle my daily to-do list.

I love the fresh scent of the Ocean Breeze fragrance, but if that’s not your jam, there are 15 unique fragrances to fit any mood. Lavender and Chamomile, Sparkling Citrus, and Wild Berries are all options to choose from. There is also a option to choose from three settings to achieve your desired fragrance level. If set on the minimum setting, your home can have up to 60 days of continuous fragrance with a dispersion that fills every corner of the room.

I recently attended the Air Wick 24/7 Fresh Truck mobile meditation studio in NYC and had an incredible session with mediation expert, Gabby Bernstein. In just a few short minutes, she taught us some valuable minute long meditations that anyone can do.  It’s amazing how much better I felt when I took my mind completely off everything for a minute.

The most common household odors can be found in the living rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and offices. The Air Wick Pure Automatic Spray automatically releases little fresh bursts of fragrance. It automatically releases fragrance every nine, 25 or 32 minutes to keep the home smelling fresh. This is so much better than the traditional aerosol.

The Air Wick Pure Automatic Spray fragrances are also formulated to deliver a greener formula that’s gentler to the planet. The refill contains less water which reduces the carbon footprint during production than previous versions of Air Wick Automatic sprays.

While our home in New York City contains no pets, we do have 3 children. We have successfully eliminated dirty diapers from our list of smells, but there are plenty more to tackle. With the new angled technology with 20 % greater dispersion to fill every corner of the room, the automatic spray can be conveniently hung on the wall, or placed on a shelf or cabinet. I have ours placed in the living room discreetly on a shelf. The modern design blends right in and doesn’t bring attention.

I can certainly rest easy and stay stress- free knowing our home smells great.  With summer vacation in full swing, I know our family will have our fair share of unpleasant odors in our home but I won’t have to worry with the Air Wick Automatic Spray.

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