To celebrate the release of Ferdinand we’re making Kindness Rocks!

Everyone knows you can’t judge a “bull” by its cover! I recently partnered with The Kindness Rocks project along with Fox Home Entertainment to celebrate the release of Ferdinand. Ferdinand is available now on Digital and Blu-ray and DVD.

With so much going on in the world right now, it’s so nice to sit and watch a sweet, family- friendly movie with my kids. From the creators of Ice Age, and Rio, Ferdinand is a love-a-bull comedy that will have you rallying for this team of misfits in an epic adventure!

Based on the classic children’s book, Ferdinand tell the story of a giant bull with a big heart who prefers flowers and being friendly to fighting. The movie is so bright and colorful and had my kids (and myself) hanging on to every scene. It’s so important to teach children early on that not everyone looks the same and it’s ok to be different.

To help celebrate the release of Ferdinand The Kindness Rocks Project has come up with a way to help spread kindness. Family and friends can join in the fun as well! My son was really excited about this project and actually came up with his idea all by himself.

For this inspiring project, you will need rocks with a smooth, flat surface, non-toxic acrylic paint or spray paint, paint brushes, oil based paint pens and a non-toxic sealant like Mod Podge or clear acrylic spray. Be sure to share these hashtags on your social channels: #FerdinandRocksHE #TheKindessRocksProject and #MakeItWithMichaels.

Step 1: PREPARE THE ROCKS – We prepared our rock with a light colored, non-toxic acrylic paint. My son chose his favorite color blue and also added some green grass and a yellow sun.

Step 2: GET CREATIVE WITH WRITING – My son used an oil based pen to write his special message “You’re BULL mazing”. There are plenty of other inspirational messages such as BULL-ieve in Yourself, Be Imagina-BULL and one of my favorites You’re Unstoppa-BULL. Once you start thinking positive thoughts you will surprise yourself at how much better you will feel instantly!

Step: 3 SEAL YOUR ROCKS – Make sure your artwork is dry and add a non-toxic sealant over your message.

Step 4: START SPREADING KINDNESS – You can leave your inspirational rocks at a local playground, library, beach, or anywhere else to help uplift and change someone’s mood. My son chose to leave it on a bench outside his school. He was really excited to think about who may pick it up and be inspired by his random act of kindness!

John Cena, who plays the voice of Ferdinand says “Random Acts of Kindness is important because it changes the mood or reinforces good mood. ”

Have a Un-BULL-ievable Day!