Calling All New & Expectant Moms to The DC Baby Show March 24th

When one finds out they are expecting, the first thought is always… “what will I need to buy for my baby”? There are countless options and truth be told, the entire experience can be overwhelming. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what is best, most popular, or unnecessary.

When I was expecting it was very helpful to attend an baby show to learn about the different baby gear items I would need. This was the best way to talk to experts and see a visual about what would work well for me. Everyone has different needs and while something may be important to one person, it may not be to another.

I attended baby shows each time I was pregnant. Baby brands are constantly evolving and improving. It is truly surprising how quickly things can change in this industry and I am always impressed with the progression. Savvy baby brands are always trying to give parents what they want and at the same time keep up with safety standards and be eco friendly as well.

The upcoming DC Baby Show is a family-friendly mega-event! The DC Baby Show, a JPMA and family media and trade event is happening this year in Washington, DC. JPMA will host its annual trade show to industry insiders on March 20th-23rd. Then on the final day of the JPMA Baby Show will open up to the public for those who purchase tickets as, the DC Baby Show will take place on Saturday March 24th.

Parents, families and caregivers can visit one of the top baby shows in the country, the  DC Baby Show. This one-day event is the perfect opportunity to check out the top brands and visit parenting experts all in one place. There will be over 200 brands at this event featuring maternity, baby, and toddler products. If you have other kids this is a great way to spend the day and give the entire family a chance to check out the latest gear! My kids always love attending these events!

I have an exciting offer that will allow my audience 50% off the ticket price. Please use the coupon code: GOTHAMLOVE50 . Regular priced tickets  to the DC Baby Show are $30 per family (for 2 adults and up to 4 children), or $20 per individual.

At the DC Baby Show on March 24th, you can explore favorite baby and children’s brands in one place. You may not even know what your favorite is yet, so this will be a great way to find out! You will be able to connect with influencers from the world of parenting and pregnancy and most importantly see, touch and feel the products you may have been reading about on blogs, Instagram or pinned on Pinterest.  For a full list of exhibitors click here.

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