EyeBuyDirect – My latest Eye Candy Find

I have worn glasses since the 7th grade.  My first trip to the optometrist didn’t have the ending I had hoped for. The super small selection of frames  were painfully hideous and I left with what I thought were the best of the worst. I wore them and then quickly transitioned to contacts as quickly as I could.

Fast forward and now I find myself in eye glasses all the time. I am on my computer most of the day and it’s just easier for me to wear glasses sometimes than to have contacts dry out my eyes. I also actually love the way I can change up my look with a pair of glasses and I look forward to every few year when it’s time to shop around for some new frames.

With my discovery of the online eyewear store, EyeBuyDirect, there is no need for me to wait years before I switch up my frames. Believe it or not all frames are under $25. I can splurge on multiple pair and not feel guilty. Sunglasses are available as well as progressive transition lenses.

The story behind EyeBuyDirect is really inspiring to me. The founder, Roy Hessel, discovered while traveling abroad that not everyone had access to perfect vision. He made it his mission to resolve this by offering both affordable and stylish eyewear.

EyeBuy Direct does everything in-house including concept, design, and manufacturing so they can control the whole process! This allows them to pass on the savings to their customers. I have truly never seen such amazing prices on such stylish eyewear in my entire life.

I recently decided to give it a try an order my first pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses with EyBuyDirect. I often like to torture myself by wanting something on the cutting edge and not yet available in most stores. I have lived my life this way and am quite accoustomed to searching everywhere! When I found the trendy frames I had been looking for at EyeBuyDirect I knew I was at the right place!

Once I selected my frames I wanted to make sure they would look right on my face. After all, just because you like something doesn’t always mean it’s the right look. I found a selfie that I had taken of myself from my phone and uploaded it to the “Try On” option. It’s so simple to use and I was easily able to navigate around. Even though I was relatively certain the frames I wanted, it was fun to try on several different styles.

I did the same thing for the sunglasses and knowing that I have a smaller face, I chose frames that were suitable. Virtual shopping is my new favorite thing! I can do it in the privacy of my home and don’t have to feel awkward as I try on a  million pair of sunglasses in a department store.

I stopped by my optometrist and picked up a copy of my latest prescription prior to placing my order. I was a little nervous about entering all the numbers which don’t make any sense to me but I took a chance. When I received my frames in the mail everything was perfect! They arrived in approximately one week of placing my order. I did have to stop by an optical store and have them adjusted to fit my face but that was it!

With styles and trends changing so quickly it’s really nice to have an affordable place to shop for new eyewear. I no longer have to worry about wearing my eyeglasses for years and look forward to my next experience with EyeBuyDirect.