Music Together- Bringing Harmony Home from Smarter Toddler

My two girls are so lucky to have the gift of music once a week at Smarter Toddler located in the Financial District. Music Together sends one of their talented music specialists to the school to spend time with the children. This is one of the highlights of the week and both of my girls look forward to this special enrichment activity.

Music Together is so much more than just a basic music class. While all music feeds the soul and makes people happy, Music Together has actually gone a step further to research how music can help support children throughout the day. Teachers can use the music to support other subjects to ease transitions, and even to enhance play time.


Repetition is a proven method of learning for children. Each Music Together session starts with a hello song and quickly moves into other fun rythmic songs. Movement is encouraged and it’s so fun to watch the kids move along to the beat with an egg shaker or even just tapping little hands on the floors and their knees.

Music benefits children in so many ways as we all know. I remember music class vividly in school and singing along with my class. I brought my son to his first Music Together class when he was just 4 months old and even though he was really young it was easy to see his eyes light up at the different sounds. Music Together is beneficial for all age levels… even teachers!


The benefits of music are immeasurable. Music helps develop a child’s mind, body, and spirit. The simple acts of singing, dancing and playing with instruments can also help them participate better in school. Music allows children to try new things and use their imagination and creativity.

As always I know my children always have a great day at Smarter Toddler, but this week I decided to sit in with my youngest daughter at her Music Together class. I was excited to hear songs from the new collection and loved to see first hand my daughters excitement as she engaged with the music.

The wonderful Music Together specialist explored song layering with the children. This was even exciting for me as an adult to help create these unique patterns just by using our voices. Music is also a great language development tool. We even sang a song in Spanish !


Music Together provides all families with a copy of a music CD to continue the music education at home. The curriculum is fun and easy and my kids love hearing the songs at home they also hear at school. I would not exactly consider my family to be ‘musical” in any way shape or form…….but it’s OK! The Music Together specialist that visits Smarter Toddler assured me that a Mother’s voice is the most important voice a child will ever hear and also their favorite one! She urges all parents to sing daily to their children no matter how good or bad their signing voice is. I have vowed to start singing more and hope that all parents take this advice as well!

Music Together is just one more very special service offered at Smarter Toddler. I feel so lucky my girls are able to experience the sounds of Music Together both at class and home.