Making date night “A thing” with Chime…

I think anyone with kids can attest to the fact that “date night” are the best two words that a parent could ever hear! Sure, we all love our kids to pieces, but on occasion we would also like to spend time with the person who knew us before those cute little rug rats came along!

With three kids and crazy schedules, my husband and I rarely have a moment of alone time except late at night when the kids are all tucked away (a process that often takes longer than intended).  Honestly, most nights we are too worn out to do anything but catch up on our Netflix series and get some screen time!

My husband and I are definitely not planners so when the occasion arises for a night out we are usually scrambling last minute searching for a family member or a past sitter to watch our 3 perfect angels (insert evil smile). Sometimes our begging and pleading works and other times one of us takes one for the team and stays home with the kids.

I no longer have to worry about missing last minute events, or stress when I can’t find a sitter for any reason. Chime by Sittercity is the best on demand babysitting app that makes booking a sitter a breeze. There are never required memberships or hidden fees and all payment is taken care of through the app.

Recently the opportunity arose to see a special screening of the upcoming movie “Gifted”. I decided to use my convenient Chime app and booked a sitter within minutes. The process is so easy to get started and I didn’t have to stress wondering if anyone I knew used the sitter, what the hourly rate was, explain our family history, etc etc. There are so many reasons I love Chime, but first and foremost all of your history is stored in the app, so there is no need to constantly explain to sitters what your child’s routine is. All the information is visible and modifications can easily be made.

My sitter arrived on time and my kids were instantly excited to see a happy face (fresh meat) to play with! In the past, I’ve booked sitters 1/2 an hour early to run through all the specifics but this is definitely not necessary with Chime. I was out the door without any drama and looking forward to “date night’!

Parents are kind of like the Post Office. Nor snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night …… Yes, it was that kind of night! We didn’t let a little bad weather dampen our alone time and even embraced the biting cold as an Ode to good ol’ New York City.  Gifted the movie was excellent! This heart tugging/ feel good movie was really special and I am now a HUGE Chris Evans fan! The actress who plays the daughter,  McKenna Grace was absolutely darling and really captured the audience with her performance.

It goes without saying my husband and I are not going to sit through a movie without popcorn but what date night would be complete with our dinner “and” a movie. Determined to make this happen we found the cutest little wine bar that also served delicious food! Catching up without being slimed with kids yogurt or bonked in the head by our youngest was worth every penny!

Life is not always perfect for parents but getting out and about for some adult conversation sans kids is going to be a new priority for us. I’m so thrilled to be using such a reliable on demand baby sitting service that allows me to be worry free and enjoy my time away. As always, all sitters are pre-screened, triple checked, and I can honestly say I have loved every single sitter I have used and saved them all as my “favorite”.

To learn more about Chime visit AND for all those who live in the Chicago, NY, NJ, and Washington D.C. area I am offering my readers a $50 credit to check out Chime for your own date night!


Happy Date Night!