Travel Trends with Momtrends for 2016

I recently attended one of my favorite events of the year. The annual Momtrends travel event is one of the best ways to learn about trending travel items and network with some of the best brands in the travel industry.

The event took place in Union Square at the Ivivva store. Ivivva is a girls store owned by Lululemon that specialized in athletic clothing for ages 6-14. Ivivva is a brand that supports active girls and allows them to feel their best while moving around.


My first stop was at the Canyon Ranch booth. I have always been a fan of the award winning holistic wellness resorts and was excited to hear about their newest location in Turkey! The products are amazing and their dedication to the overall health of their guests is truly amazing. Canyon Ranch is the perfect getaway to relax and come back fully rejuvenated.


Hershey Park was also an important stop for me. I’m so excited to be visiting this super fun amusement park this summer with my family. You don’t even have to love chocolate to visit Hershey, but trust me, it will be much better if you do! There are so many fun things to do aside from the rides. There is a great museum, make your own chocolate bar and so much more!


eBags is such an innovative company. With over 55,000 bags to choose from, eBags remains the #1 online retailer for bags and all things travel. Their bags are of the highest quality and unique in design. I can’t wait to test out my new eBag from the travel event!



I also loved checking out the fun travel tubes from Cool Gear. Eliminating the use of plastic water bottles is a huge driving factor and mission for Cool Gear. They have so many interesting and brightly colored products. I absolutely loved my go gear travel tubes last week as I was traveling. They are the perfect size and did not leak at all.

Travel is a way to re discover who you are and hopefully return back to your daily routine with a new found sense of self! Kudos to Momtrends for pulling all these special travel related companies together for one evening.

Happy Travels!