Celebrating with Mother’s Day The Movie

As a relatively new mom, I think we all have some sort of expectations when our big day rolls around. Of course everyone is different and what may be important to one mom may really be meaningless to another.

I for one am celebrating Mother’s Day with my crew this year and anything on top makes it extra special. Whether it’s a sweet card my husband ran out to get at 1AM or a home made gift from my kids, I am always excited.  If anyone is listening chocolate and diamonds are really nice too wink wink!

mothers-day-movie-photosAll kidding aside if I am with my family on Mothers Day thats all that really matters! Last night I saw the movie Mother’s Day. It really hit home and I’m sure everyone can relate to some scene in the movie.

Jennifer Anniston and Julia Roberts could not have played their role better! They really owned it and it showed! Jason Sudeikis and Kate Hudson were also wonderful and funny!

Mothers Day will make you laugh out loud and probably cry too. Thank you to Stroller in the City for hosting such a fun night along with Lindt chocolate and Fandango.

I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day.