Punkin Wrap – One Product Endless Possibilities

I have recently updated my status as a “mom of 3”. This means I no longer have time to shop around picking up various products for different tasks.  While I am not willing to give in or do without it, seems I have found a perfect product!


The punkin wrap was introduced to me from a maternity store izzy maternity clothes.  I was skeptical at first as the name did not resonate anything for me…but my curiosity would soon be put to rest.  The punkin wrap is a genius product that multi functions as a Infant carseat privacy shade, stroller blanket,  carseat blanket,  nursing cover,  carrier wrap and last but not least a changing pad.


Living in the city every new mom goes through the first few months trying to tie a muslin swaddle blanket around their carseat or bassinet trying to shield their baby from the big bad world.  The ties come undone, there are huge gaps, and inevitably it falls to the ground. The struggle is real!


I remember my recent trip to my infant daughters 1st doctors appointment and it was a crazy windy day.  My swaddle blanket was flying everywhere and I was basically holding it down with one hand and strolling with the other (not ideal!).

I was so happy to discover the punkin wrap.  It has very easy links that can attach to any stroller, car seat, carrier etc.  There is also a nursing strap that can adjust easily depending on your needs that can shield a mom with privacy and allows the baby to have proper airflow.

The material is just light enough for all it’s multi purposes and easily folds up when not in use.  I have my punkin wrap with me at all times. I am currently using it as a privacy shade for my infant carseat.  It covers perfectly and I can peek in at my daughter whenever need be.  If she wakes up I can slide the punkin wrap down and  look at her adorable face!


The punkin wrap is made in the USA and the links and snaps are free of BPA, PVC, PET, and Phythalates.  The wrap comes in a variety of colors although I am partial to my “Palm Beach” design paired with my Uppa Baby Vista double stroller.

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