Creating a space with Delta Children

In many respects I feel like my circle is complete with the recent birth of my third child. I have a very different attitude this last go around.  This is not an attitude of anything goes but actually just the opposite. I am now more than ever concerned with providing only the very best for the last of my children.

As with my other pregnancies I am a big believer in doing the research. Taking friends and family members advice has never been good enough for me. I need to research, shop, compare and finally make a decision based on my findings. It is truly incredible how fast the marketplace has changed even in the 2 short years since my middle child was born.

Raising our kids in the city, space has always been a issue in our home.  I always try to make the most of our apartment space, but in the end everything is not always ideal or perfect. Creating a nursery in the space of our master bedroom would definitely be a challenge but one that was necessary.


This time around I was determined to finally have a glider to sit comfortably and feed the baby. In the past I used the bed, couch, chair and even floor for feedings and was secretly envious of these gorgeous gliders I would see in stores and other homes.


Delta Children is a brand I fully trust after visiting their safety testing facility earlier this year. I loved so many of their gliders it was hard to make a decision. These are definitely not your grandmothers’ rocking chair. The Delta glider has such a smooth rhythmic motion that I fell in love instantly!The glider can easily be transitioned to a regular piece of furniture after I am done with baby feedings.


The Morgan glider comes in a beautiful grey microfiber which is super easy to clean all those dribbles and spills. The padded armrest adds extra support and comfort and I love how the glider is not oversized and bulky as many are.  It’s sleek and simple design fits perfectly in our bedroom and will soon be transitioned to the living room as a badly needed extra piece of furniture.

I also needed a new nursing pillow and turned to a brand I know and trust. The Simmons Kids BeautySleep nursing positioner was a great choice. It actually has a gel memory foam that creates a soft and ergonomic position for your baby during feedings. The super soft Thermo Cool cover keeps both me and my daughter nice and dry without overheating.




Having used the same crib for both my son and daughter I would have to have a new crib for the baby. After hearing about the safety standards at Delta Children’s testing facility I was beyond ecstatic to have my new baby girl in a crib that meets the highest safety standards (and beyond).  All Delta Children’s products are tested in a way that not only meets government standards but exceeds them. The Ava 3 in 1 crib was perfect for our needs. It’s a full size crib in a sleek modern frame. It will also grow with my daughter turning into both a toddler bed and daybed.  The Ava crib is made from very strong and sturdy wood and has a 3 mattress position for easy adjustment.


As I mentioned, life in the city with kids is not always perfect but with products from Delta Children things fall into place. I’m so happy to have such beautiful baby items and one of the safest cribs in the marketplace for the newest member of our family.


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