Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway

Last week I attended a performance of Cinderella on Broadway with my husband and son.  There has been so much hype about this latest fairytale classic that I could not wait to see it!
Located at the Broadway Theater on Broadway and 53rd st., this Rodgers and Hammerstein’s translation of Cinderellaproved to be outstanding!

It is true….. I did have to prepare and warn my 4 yr.


old son ahead of time that Cinderella was primarily about girls and ballgowns and such.  He reminded me that there was also a “prince” so he would be OK!
From the opening scene with the elaborate sets I could tell that I would not have to be worried about my son losing interest or myself for that matter!  Each character was cast so well and I loved how this non “Disney” version brought an entire new light to the story.  I think we are all programmed to know the story as we remember it as a child, but having this Broadway twist with new songs, slight change of story lines, and comedic relief… was an entirely new experience.

The audience was primarily made up with a majority of families with little girls, followed by a fewer amount of little boys and of course those who love Broadway and catching a new show!  It is definitely a show for the entire family given there are scenes for boys, girls and so much witty humor for the parents and adults! I caught myself laughing out loud on parts that were lost on the kids but I think that’s quite OK!

There were some very cool moments on stage that I cannot give away but let’s just say I witnessed “magic”!  I’m still not sure how it happened but the audience was in “awe”!  The cast including the Wicked Step Mother and Fairy Godmother played respectively by Harriet Harris and Victoria Clark were excellent and added such a dynamic presence to the performance. Cinder”ella” and Prince Charming were equally great as the audience watched on.

IMG_7654Be sure to catch Cinderella! It is now open and playing for the first time ever on Broadway!  It is fun for the entire family and anyone else who loves a great show!

A special thanks to ‘The Moms!”  for hosting such a fantastic event including a Q&A session with the actors at the end. Also a thank you to the sponsors…. Willa Skincare for girls and Trish McEvoy.