Citibabes Playdate

Citibabes in Soho recently hosted a fabulous playdate for my son’s Pre-K class at Spruce Street School.  He and his classmates all met in their incredible 1,500 square feet space.
We purposely arrived early to eat lunch at the brand new Junior’s Fresh cafe that has just opened.  They had such a healthy selection of food including all farm fresh ingredients. We had organic chicken fingers, mac n cheese, sliced veggies, freshly made yogurt and fruit.  The entire cafe was packed during lunchtime so it’s a great thing there was plenty of space to sit and relax before our playdate.

DSC_0205Once all the kids arrived we visited one of the many classrooms and had a great art class followed by an interactive music class. I will have to say 4 yr olds can get “really” hyper when instruments are involved (my own son being the loudest) had a really great time! The staff is so friendly and they handle the kids so well.  The music teacher held a little “session” and then proceeded to just sing along and play her guitar while the kids danced like crazy!

DSC_0215After our art and music session, we were led to yet another playspace with fully padded equipment, blocks, etc. The most exciting thing about this room was the rock climbing wall! My son has never done this and I couldn’t believe how he and his classmates gravitated straight towards it!  This is something that will defintiely keep your kiddos occupied for awhile and not to worry because it’s completely safe!  I also love all the city views out the window.  The natural light is a great thing about this room because the kids do not feel so closed in as they play!

DSC_0222Saving the best for last we had our final stop at the magnificent indoor playground.  With a backdrop of the city, you really do feel as if you could be outside.  Once again, with all the comfort of perfect temperatures, no harsh sun, cold wind etc.  There are also plenty of chairs for a parent or caretaker to sit in while watching the kids.  You can see everything with one vantage point, so there is no getting up to constantly run around as we often do at outdoor play areas.

There is a separate section for the little ones and more age appropriate equipment for the older kids.  You can easily bring 2 or more kids of various ages.  The space is extremely clean and maintained very well! I would have to say the kids had the most fun here because they are free to run and play as they wish.  The loft like atmosphere of the playspace really gives these city kids the perception they are playing in a much larger space while still being inside. This is perfect for a parent like me who prefers indoors with the often inclement NYC weather!

It was hard to round up everyone to leave and it was obvious that my son and all his classmates had a really great time!  Aside from the play areas and classrooms, Ciitbabes offers SO much more.  The space also houses an adult gym, and a Bari Studio so parents can stay fit while their kids are occupied and having fun!  Birthday parties are very popular at Citibabes as are their special events which are offered very often!

CItibabesI urge you to check out their website at to learn more about classes, camp, parenting, and see photos of the awesome space! The friendly staff will set up a tour if you call to schedule.  One thing to keep in mind is their incredible membership offer which I have attached.  You do not have to sign up for classes to be a member and use the playspace area.  This really works well for so many families who do not want to commit to a weekly class or have to keep a schedule . The rates are very reasonable and you can sign up for 3, 6, 9, or 12 month increments.  There is a current special running until the end of March.

Thanks again to Citibabes for an awesome day!