Red Carpet Stokke Night Out

This past Monday night I attended a fabulous Stokke event. With a Red Carpet theme and in fine company with Stella & Dot Jewelry + Brahmin handbags, it was a great night!  I have been obsessed with Stokke products since the birth of my son. I have always been intrigued by the sleek design, modern look, and functionality of all their products. Apparently I am not the only one as the MoMa uses the infamous high chair “Tripp Trapp” in their cafes in place of generic chairs.  I was so happy to view the latest strollers from this Norwegian line with at the super cool Glasshouse location in Chelsea.  The new Crusi and lightweight Scoot are 2 new fantastic editions to the Stokke Family. 

557634_10200493009711823_2106576171_nMost everyone has seen the sleek Xplory cruising the streets of Manhattan. With it’s high forward facing seat, one can see the appeal of being able to look your children in the eyes as you walk around.  It brings you closer as Stokke says until your children are ready to face the world! I love this!  The Crusi is able to use Chassis with the Carry cot for a newborn and eventually you can transition to the Xplory seat while adding the Crusi seat down below for your older child. Each seat holds up to 45 lbs.
With 5 seat positions, your child will always be comfortable in this highly adaptable stroller.  Whether you need to pull up the stroller to a table at restaurant or recline the seat back for a peaceful nap, the Xplory seat is the best option for either the Xplory stroller or Crusi.  If you do not need a sibling option, the Xplory is a great stroller for you and otherwise the Crusi is the way to go!

My favorite feature of the Stokke stroller line are the adjustable handles that can accommodate tall moms and dads!  Even the new travel stroller, the Scoot, has adjustable handles.  The Scoot is truly a one of a kind travel option and offers so much more than average travel stroller.  Stokke keeps the same themes in common with the forward and rear facing high seat, adjustable footrest (no dangling feet ever!), and large cargo space for shopping and bags.  The Scoot is super easy to fold and allows you to carry away with only one hand.   The Scoot is always incredibly easy to push with one hand with its single handle bar vs. 2 handles which can be impossible to push (and talk on the phone).  If you are looking to purchase a new travel stroller,  be sure to check out the Scoot.  It offers so much more and certainly deserves a spot in the Stokke Family.

One thing I should make mention of is the price point for Stokke products.  While it is no surprise, that quality items are more of an investment, Stokke challenges you to think beyond the “baby years”.  For instance, their changing table will eventually convert to a desk.  The bassinet which converts to a bed will stay with a child until they are age 10.  The Tripp Trapp earns a spot in the kitchen and rarely every leaves.  Stokke products are made to grow together with your child and create a bond.  Stokke products also have a much longer warranty (3 years) than most baby products.  Stokke owners are very loyal and it’s easy to see why!  When Norwegian research teams are out on the field…. the main concern is to try to find out what makes a happy baby.  A happy baby is the number one concern of this company. The Stokke team is also extremely committed to creating the best solutions with a focus for eco-friendly materials.  Stokke designs products that strive to achieve a balance of what’s best for your baby and sustainable innovations for future generations.