Annie on Broadway – it’s a hard knock life

If you are a girl or boy older than 25, I’m sure you have seen (or as a brother) been forced to see Annie a million times. I remember being ever so slightly obsessed with Annie as a kid buying the red curly wig, wearing a locket, and parading around my house singing all the catchy songs. I used to watch Annie on my old school video recorder countless times!

When I heard Annie was playing on Broadway I could not wait to re-live the moments again. I remember how Sarah Jessica Parker played Annie on stage when she was young and was anxious to see what talent was found to capture this larger than life role!

imageI had a friend in town this past week and being that we are the same age of 29 (wink) we decided Annie was a must see on our to do list. I could not bear seeing this show without my 4 yr old son so we decided “Let’s go to the movies”! Or the theater in this case!

I wanted to attempt to explain to my son what the show was about before he ruined it for surrounding patrons so we visited the website where he was able to view a clip of previews from the show. He was instantly hooked and excited to be going to a Broadway show with the girls !

Aside from some typical transportation inconveniences we arrived to our seats for a Sat night 8pm show. I held my breath as my son watched on and I could tell he already recognized the music as “Tomorrow” broke out.  It was so fun to catch his expressions and wonder what he must be thinking.

Annie was one of the best musicals I have seen. The sets were great, the cast was superb and Lillie Crawford as Annie really blew it away. The orphans were also fantastic just like they were in the movie. After a really cute dance number between Annie and Daddy Warbucks, my son turned to me and whispered…”not bad for a little kid, huh?”

If you are looking to reach back into your childhood or introduce your kids to Annie now is the time! Annie is playing at the Palace Theater in Times Square
I will also mention because it is a popular play for children, the matinees are far more crowded than nighttime performances.

Bet your bottom dollar you will LOVE Annie on Broadway!