The Children’s Place Pool Party!

Today is Pool Party Day at The Children’s Place.  Walking into the store this morning definitely got me in the mood for SUMMER.  The store was popping with color everywhere. 

I love the matching swim shirts with the swim trunks for boys this season.  Both have SPF 50 which is awesome.  You can mix and match (which I like to do) or go matchy matchy which is cute too.  Accessories are HUGE this season.  You will find sunglasses, sandals, hats everywhere.  If you looking to turn your little one into a fashionista this season.. be sure to stop in The Childrens’s Place.  You can find fashion without breaking the bank.  I love my son in all the cute hats, and sunglasses… but let’s be honest- he doesn’t leave them on forever!

Adorable details are also everywhere.  Boys shorts have little fish, skull, etc embroidered on the shorts.. I love this look! The same details are also on shoes, sandals and belts.  The BEST thing about some of The Children’s Place boys shorts this year are the elastic waist.  I am very particular about details and I don’t find these shorts cheesy at all. They are great for newly potty trained kids who can easily pull their shorts on and off! What an ego boost for them!

As for the girls summer fashion… let’s be honest- It’s ALWAYS CUTE!  Super fun maxi dresses are adorable and I was LOVING the neon accents for girls.  Neon is so hot this summer and the shoes and belts in brights are so much fun.

Thanks again to The Children’s Place for a great summer preview.  I am looking forward to an amazing (and fashionable ) summer!

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