Belvoir Lemonades & Nature Addicts Fruit Sticks

I recently attended a fabulous event at Caravan Studios in NYC and learned about some delicious new healthy snacks and beverages. As a mom I am on the constant lookout to find an alternative for me as well as my kids that I can feel good about!


Belvoir is a yummy new bubbly organic line of lemonade that is made from a refreshing blend of the freshest flowers, real pressed fruit juices and freshly cooked spices combined with sparkling water.  Belvoir lemonade makes a delicious alternative to a traditional sugary juice or soft drink and also can be used as a mixer for cocktails.

No artificial flavors are ever used as well as any additives or preservatives.  They are also Gluten free, GMO free and Vegan.  The flavors are so unique and interesting such as:  Elderflower, Elderflower & Rose, Lime & Lemongrass, Pomegranate & raspberry. I should also mention the vintage bottle is just the coolest. You can easily use the bottle for an adorable vase one you are done.

I also was able to sample a super fun new line of organic fruit snacks from Nature Addicts.  They are  free of preservatives, artificial coloring, GMO free, Gluten free, and Vegan as well.  I can feel good about eating this myself and letting my kids eat it too.


Nature Addicts fruit strips are available in 3 natural flavors and come in a convenient resealable zip bag.  Each pouch has one serving of fuit!  The flavors are so fun.. I loved the apple mango passion fruit and there is also apple raspberry, and apple orange & chocolate available.



I would definitely encourage anyone to try these delicious new items!  They are the perfect addition to any summer outdoor activity!