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FRESCHSTYLE – Unclutter your life

It’s no secret that closet space is a commodity in an NYC apartment.  One can never have enough closet space and when a closet doesn’t exist, us NY’ers have to “create” one.  I had a challenge of moving my son and daughter in the same room where a closet did not even exist.  I had to bring in armoires and shop for furniture that had large hidden storage areas so we can tuck away 4 seasons of clothes for both. Below is my before photo of the kids clothes which you can see are basically “stashed” everywhere with no organization whatsoever. Continue reading FRESCHSTYLE – Unclutter your life

Oprah’s Favorite Things 2015

Last week I attended the first every blogger breakfast for Oprah’s Favorite things! It was literally a dream come true for me! I arrived with baby in tow (a little late due to a subway mishap)….but I made it! my daughter slept peacefully while I watched Oprah’s amazing creative Director, Adam Glassman, reveal her favorites for 2015. Continue reading Oprah’s Favorite Things 2015

Punkin Wrap – One Product Endless Possibilities

I have recently updated my status as a “mom of 3”. This means I no longer have time to shop around picking up various products for different tasks.  While I am not willing to give in or do without it, seems I have found a perfect product!


The punkin wrap was introduced to me from a maternity store izzy maternity clothes.  I was skeptical at first as the name did not resonate anything for me…but my curiosity would soon be put to rest.  The punkin wrap is a genius product that multi functions as a Infant carseat privacy shade, stroller blanket,  carseat blanket,  nursing cover,  carrier wrap and last but not least a changing pad. Continue reading Punkin Wrap – One Product Endless Possibilities

Jak & Peppar – Girls Fashion

I recently discovered a girls clothing line for my daughter that is so unique and boho fabulous! Just like any child, my daughter does not like to be confined with irritating fabrics or constricting styles. Jak & Peppar has done an excellent job of pairing stylish, unique clothes with a super fun mix and match style. The clothes are extremely detailed and the colors are exceptional. You can literally pair any of the collections together to create a unique look.

SAMSUNG CSC Continue reading Jak & Peppar – Girls Fashion