Harper’s Aladdin Insta-Worthy Party with KikiBoxes

Each year when one of my three kid’s birthday rolls around, I instantly become overwhelmed with all the decor details. I have plenty of strong qualities but party planning is simply not my forte. Being the social media obsessed parent that I am, my first stop is to Pinterest to look at all of the Instagram worthy scenes I’m certain I’ll never achieve (insert sigh). It all looks so professional and easy in theory until you try to do it yourself.

Party decor has definitely taken a turn in the past few years and I think we can all agree that going into the big box party supply store the night before no longer will cut it! With children’s themes becoming more sophisticated than they once were, it can be really time consuming (not to mention intimidating) to keep up! We all want our own child to be wowed at their party and feel excited on their special day. I try my best not to get “too” caught up in the details, but they are only little once, right?

I’m thrilled to have collaborated with  “KikiBoxes” for my daughter’s recent 6th surprise birthday. KikiBoxes is an online destination for all of your themed party needs. KikiBoxes are creatively curated party supplies delivered right to your door!

After planning his own daughter’s themed birthday party, the founder of KikBoxes decided to create a service that takes the stress our of party planning so parents can enjoy the celebration. Each premium  quality themed party kit includes everything from table cloths,  table runners, cups, napkins,  party hats, candles, cupcakes kits, balloon garland, party favors and so much more! Your guests will be dazzled by the chic decorations. I can attest I was completely blown away at my own daughter’s party.

KikiBoxes does all the hard work which saves hours on end creating a stress-free party. You can entertain like a pro with these carefully curated decorations that can be so difficult to pull together on your own. Many of the boxes are versatile and gender neutral which I love and the best part is feeling like you pulled off a Insta-Worthy party!

Whether you’re creating the “Greatest Show on Earth” for your little one or making a ‘Brontosaurus Good Time” , your child will love their unique and thoughtful party items. My daughter immediately went for the Aladdin inspired squishy toy and had a blast drinking from a jewel adorned goblet.

Thank you to KikiBoxes for giving me  a boutique party experience I’ve always dreamed about. My daughter had the best day and I can’t help but think the fun decorations played a big role. The smile on her face said it all.  I can’t wait to follow up for the next birthday now that I know how easy it is. Good for kids of all ages, this is definitely a service us parents can use and feel good about!