Lubriderm – A Winter Solution for the Entire Family

My skin usually tells me it’s approaching Winter, way before the calendar. I’ve always had extremely dry skin and living in the northeast area has certainly increased my need for the best moisturizers. There’s so many different lotions available and I feel like I’ve tried them all! However, Lubriderm has always been a main stay and there ‘s a reason why! I recently partnered with Lubriderm and attended a Winter Skin Breakfast event hosted by Momtrends. It was a lovely morning catching up with other influencers inside Eataly, NYC at their rooftop restaurant, Serra by Birreria.

It was a crisp, sunny, and bright PERFECT New York City morning. Nicole Feliciano, of Momtrends welcomed us all at our hosted breakfast with a blast from the past. “Who remembers the joke from the 5th grade?” … “Your epidermis is showing!” hahaa .  Sure, we all laughed but dry skin is no joke. Nicole and her family are avid winter sport lovers and she ensures us her first base layer is always Lubriderm lotion!

With our perfect winter theme setting and delicious food from Eataly, we were shielded momentarily from the chilly temperatures outside which made it all the better! The chef at Eataly really went overboard on the food selections and I have to get back here as soon as possible to indulge some more!

Wintertime in New York City can be tough. My entire family is always layering up with warm sweaters, scarves, and the occasional hot chocolate to combat the crisp chill in the air. Unfortunately these cozy items can also dry out our skin. The Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion is a winter solution that works for us all! It moisturizes skin for 24 hours which is amazing!

I vividly remember the classic bottle inside my grandparent’s bathroom growing up. Lubriderm has proven itself over the years as a household name. It’s no nonsense messaging speaks to people and also gives professional assurance since the formula was originally developed by a dermatologist.

Our hands instantly became smoother and and softer as we all tested out the Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion at the Winter Skin Breakfast event. Attendees were given the opportunity to make a fun winter topiary. Mine is now proudly being displayed in our home! It doesn’t take more than one pump and the best part is the non-greasy feel. The lotion is enriched with vitamins and B5 and skin essential lipids.

Lubriderm truly is a one size fits all defense against dry winter skin. My 5 year old daughter constantly complains of dry itchy skin. I typically apply her lotion after a bath and I don’t hear any more complaints! If you haven’t tried Lubriderm in awhile, I urge you to give it a go. It’s available at Walmart from $6.97 and will make your skin healthier-looking and more resilient in just one week.

Thank you so much to Lubriderm and Momtrends for reminding us to take care of our skin and family with this rich and creamy lotion. Lubriderm is clinically shown to provide relief and intensely hydrates extra dry skin. I’m all over it… literally!!


Photo Credit: Momtrends