Color Factory – Where All The Color Begins

What’s 20,000 square feet and a palette of colors inspired by New York City?  Color Factory has arrived in New York City and it’s my favorite Pop Up exhibit to date! With 16 new site-specific installations, it’s truly a one of a kind experience. As a New Yorker living in my world of black, gray, and often neutral colors,  Color Factory really reminded me how colorful NYC can really be!

My daughter and I attended a special press tour and we were able to have a first hand glance at the exciting interactive exhibit. Upon entering we were given a card with a personalized bar code. After I entered some basic information on an iPad we were good to go. Color Factory has cameras installed in the walls with a 5 second countdown which allows you to take all your Instagrammable moments and have them emailed immediately. Genius!

This is the 2nd city to host Color Factory. The first one was in San Fransisco last year and after what should have only been one month, turned into a 9 month sold out Pop-Up. The Soho location is going to do just as well!

The 16 rooms were created with the help of top local artist and designers. There are so many unexpected turns and just when you think you know where things are going….someone hands you a colorful and delicious mochi ice cream- yes!

The “100 Colors” opening is just a glimpse of the colorful things to come. It features  rows of paper strips and everyone was hung by hand. Can you pick out your favorite color?

My daughter was pretty much mesmerized the entire time and I could see the look of awe all over her face! There is, however, so much more that goes into each and every room. The meaningful gestures and high level of creativity made our time at Color Factory unforgettable.

I was concerned when my daughter would touch something, or move something, but everything was surprisingly hands on and she was even encouraged to make music, eat candy, and spin on a giant circle- what! The staff was amazing as well and so on board with their awesome job!

Obviously my daughter’s favorite room was the cool mint green ball pit. I carefully selected her dress which I thought was an interesting color and most likely would not be a color used much at Color Factory. Boy did I guess wrong! Ha!

Color Factory opened August 20th and tickets ($38) can only be purchased online. To find out more details visit

Bonus points are in order for a fun NYC neighborhood map given at the end of your Color Factory experience. You will find hidden surprises in places you never thought to look! The story keeps going…