Back to School with TSUKIHOSHI Shoes

This back to school year will be a very special one for me! My 4 year old daughter will be attending the same school as my 9 year old son for the first time. I remember when my son first started  school in lower Manhattan, I walked the 3 flights of stairs every morning pregnant and now she will be holding my hand as we go up the stairs!

I’ve been shopping for the kids buying back to school gear and shoes are our number one priority! Sure, we are still wearing our sandals for a few more weeks, but on September 7th, they will be wearing  new sneakers as my kids start Pre-K and 4th grade!

Luckily I had experience last year with an amazing brand, TSUKIHOSHI. My son wore them not only the first day of school, but also the last and believe it or not they even went to sleep away camp looking good. My son never complained about needing new shoes and was happy all year.

There are so many reasons TSUKIHOSHI shoes are the very BEST for back to school. For starters, they are machine washable. You can throw them in the wash and air dry. They come out looking perfect and new. They also have an antibacterial insole to make sure there are no “stinky feet” or shoes. The insole is actually infused with a green tea extract to fight germs and odors.

I love the bright colors and styles from TSUKIHOSHI. I tend to dress the kids in solids and reserve the bright fun colors for their shoes and always love the selections. Last year my son wore red and this year he is loving the blue and lime combo. The pink glitter for my daughter is literally the cutest and both shoes are from the “Storm” collection. They are as comfortable as they are cute and I don’t have to worry about their feet as they run and play all day at school.

Another great benefit of TSUKIHOSHI shoes is the easy slip on feature with a velcro closure. My son can tie his shoe, but he really still prefers velcro. For my daughter who cannot tie her shoes, this is ideal! She can feel like a big girl anyway by putting on her own shoes.

With my kids being at school all day, I will not be concerned that their shoes may be uncomfortable, too restricting, or coming untied. TSUKIHOSHI Shoes has everything covered and I can safely say BTS here we come!!