Dressing Beautifully with Florence Fancy

As a mom there is nothing I love more than to see other parents who take the time to care for their children both inside and out. I can relate to those moms and dads who understand the need to make their children feel loved and important. I also think our outermost layer often tells a story to those around us and for children who are learning who they are, this can be a self discovery!

I am constantly on the look out for new brands I have not seen and love discovering new fashion…especially when it’s in my own backyard. There is always something so exciting when you find a brand that reflects all the things you have been looking for.

Of course there is an abundance of children’s fashion and it’s extremely easy to shop for pieces that are basic, everyday clothes. However, when you realize you need the most “fabulous” dress in the world, you may have to look a little harder!

I recently had this very need as I hosted an event at The Plaza Hotel for my daughter and her friends. It was truly every little girls dream as they attended a “Eloise & Friends Playdate“. We needed something sophisticated, distinctive and above all “fashionable”. Of course, this was a playdate, so it needed to be functional as well.

Once I laid my eyes on the “Darcy Dress” from the Florence Fancy spring/summer 2017 collection, I looked no further! This special dress had everything I could hope for and even had the most subtle gold threading throughout. The light pink color and neck tie was perfection!

My daughter enjoyed her time immensely at The Plaza with Eloise and we can not thank our friends over at Florence Fancy enough for making sure she looked so stylish for this special occasion. We will never forget our time at the hotel and feel so lucky to have memories in this special dress.

Last week, we were invited to a private tea party at the uber chic children’s boutique Florence Fancy on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.  We went up in a classic manual elevator and arrived in the charming brownstone.

The enchanting boutique is beyond any words I can think of. Harper had a magical time at her tea party eating cookies and playing with her identically dressed American Girl doll. I also had the best time browsing the selections and speaking with the super informative showroom director who informed me of Florence Fancy’s visible dedication of dressing children beautifully. I also have to mention the scones and tea were delicious!

Florence Fancy was founded by entrepreneur and mother of two Nancy McCormick, as the fashion source for discerning customers who want their children to look, and feel, stylish and distinctive. I agree with her completely that clothing is a form of creative expression for those who select it.

The collection features clothing for specific occasions as well as pieces that are multi-purpose. The quality and detail of the clothing is not only beautiful but also durable and easy to wear.

The wide selection of dresses is inspired by the classic designs of European children’s fashions, craftsmanship and grace, with an American sensibility, which adds fun and flare to the brand!

Florence Fancy can be found at Bergdorf Goodman and also online. Don’t forget to check out Mother & Daughter looks as well as matching dresses for your child’s American Girl doll.

Until July 31st, please use code: GOTHAMLOVE to receive 15% off your entire order at www.florencefancy.com

Here’s to a chic and fun summer!