City Select LUX stroller & the Best Place to Stroll Guide

People often question our family decision to raise three kids in New York City. However, at the end of a week when I look back at the experiences we’ve had from just day to day, I can’t think of a better place to live! New York City offers so many exciting activities for all ages. We are never without something to do and often have to make a hard decision on deciding between fun events.

When the weather warms up there is nothing I like better than to take a day trip and stroll along the Hudson River Park. The park offers yet another advantage of living in Manhattan and my kids love going on these long strolls. My son is typically along side us in his scooter and equally loves the open spaces and scenic adventure as we make our way around the lower tip and west side of Manhattan.

Once we cross over the west side highway, we are well on our way to the fun playgrounds, grassy areas, and even mini golf. Of course we are not the only ones who enjoy this pristine city sanctuary and have to watch carefully as we pass bikers, runners, roller bladers and even skaters. Speaking of skaters, there is actually a 15,000 sq. ft one of a kind skate park at Pier 62.

Our favorite playground to stroll to is Pier 25 playground. There are a couple of different routes to get here but our favorite is to walk along the water and look at all the boats on the Hudson river. Pier 25 playground was voted one of the best 25 playgrounds in Manhattan recently by Time Out New York Kids and offers 25,000 square feet of gated play space. This is the perfect playground for my children because there are equal areas of big kid and little kid activities. When the weather is really warm the water features are amazing and everyone loves getting wet! There is also a giant sand pit plus a climbing wall.

With so many activities and play areas, the next obvious concern is alway “food”.  My kids love to have a special treat on a nice day and the Hudson River Park offers plenty of tasty treats. The Sweet Love Snack Bar, which is located by the mini golf area, offers burgers, fries, ice cream and drinks. One afternoon I realized I was without cash and was given and emergency popsicle “on the house”! Who says New Yorkers are not friendly?

My son likes to meet his friends from time to time in the large grassy area for some soccer and it’s so relaxing to watch him play on the pier. I can also stroll around with the girls and we can see him having the best time!

My youngest daughter who is one will still be sitting in the stroller for awhile, but my 4 year old also still likes to ride as well. The City Select LUX offers the perfect solution for us with a glider board for my oldest daughter. She loves to stand on the back and ride along. The non slip board makes my feel confident she is safe and we can stroll at any pace we fill fit.

The girls love to interact and play with each all the time so I turn the seat toward the glider board so they can play peek a boo and sing songs while out and about.

The City Select LUX by Baby Jogger actually offers 20 different configurations. We are just now phasing out of the 2nd seat, but it can easily be attached for a growing family.  Also, the parking brake is so convenient which is located at my fingertips! This comes in handy as we are constantly stopping and starting up again.

When the kids and I are feeling extra adventurous we like to walk along the Hudson River Park path all the way around to Chelsea where our favorite carousel in the city is located at Pier 62. Even my son likes to pick out his own animal to ride. This is not a typical carousel since the kids sit on animals, not horses. The carousel is made up of 33 hand carved Hudson River Valley animals and is quite impressive! The details are amazing down to the butterfly on the unicorn. If you are ever near this area be sure to check out this special custom designed carousel.

When strolling around on any city adventure, it is so helpful to have a stroller that meets my demand. I love how the City Select LUX swivels so easy and I never feel as if I’m “pushing” but more walking along with my kids. The stroller is offered in so many sleek colors and I love our taupe color which is completely neutral and hides any little spills very well. One of my favorite features is the nice extended UV50+ canopy. The sun never has to be in my little ones eyes and I feel confident knowing she is shielded from the sun.

I feel so lucky every day to live within walking distance of such an amazing part of the city. The Spring flowers and green grass mean summer is just around the corner and I can’t wait to resume our stroller adventures at Hudson River Park.

What is your favorite place to stroll and take a day trip? For a chance to win your own City Select LUX, head over to and share your own photos and learn more about the City Select LUX stroller.