AllGlamR – Truly Suntastic!

Every spring I began my research for a new tinted sunscreen in preparation for the warmer months. Of course, I use a sunscreen year around but I always increase SPF in the summer. I’m a strong believer in protecting my skin and no longer par take in sun worshiping activities which I used to love so much!

For me and my fair skin the struggle is real when trying to find the perfect tinted moisturizer. 9 times out of 10 the color is completely wrong and ends up looking orange or just un natural. Also, if the ingredients are not chemical free then I have to worry I’m actually endangering my skin while trying to protect it not to mention the strong smell. I wear contracts and have sensitivity to any product around my eyes so I need to be extra cautious when selecting any moisturizers.

I was so happy to discover AllGlamR tinted sunscreen with SPF30. It is chemical free and offers a broad spectrum (zinc oxide) protection against UVA and UVB radiation and infrared defense to help buffer skin from heat-derizved oxidative and environmental stressors. For the ultimate protection the ingredient Octinoxate helps absorb UVA and UVB rays naturally, blocking and protecting the skin from damage.

AllGlamR tinted moisturizer is not thick or sticky. It goes on really smooth and is completely build-able depending on how much coverage you desire. It’s also jam full of skin quenching rehydrating natural oils containing vitamins A,C,D,E and F and age defeating antioxidants.

AllGlamR is offered in 2 shades Light or Medium. I was skeptical going with the light because even though I am fair sometimes the light can be too light but it is perfect! It has just enough tint to give my skin a natural glow and gives me a comfort level of also protecting my skin. It washes off easy at the end of the day as well. AllGlamR is hypoallergenic, fragrance and Paragen free and made in the USA. I  have very sensitive skin and have not noticed any irritations from this product.


Cancer experts recommend anyone over the age of six months going outside should use a sunscreen daily. Using sunscreen daily is the #1 best defense against skin damage, aging, dryness, and even melanoma.

AllGlamR tinted sunscreen not only protects the skin but it also offers increased skin hydration, improves complexion tone and texture, minimizes pore size, camouflages dark and red spots and covers blemishes.

As I mentioned earlier it is available in two shade light and medium 2 fl oz./MSRP $38.

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Stay Suntastic!