Shredding it at Crunch Fitness – No Judgements

I’m a strong believer if I don’t take care of myself first, then how will I take care of my family? I often see so many people complain there is no time for the gym or to exercise. Trust me, I get it – I would much rather be snuggled in bed with my family on a cold weekend morning, but I know if I don’t get up, then I will miss my window of opportunity.


I have been obsessed with gyms and working out since I was very small. When a brand new sports club in my small Texas town open-end, I was there! I would run around an “indoor track”, swim in the pool and even experiment in the weight room with a much older crowd! Once step aerobics began, I was hooked! Of course gym fads come and go but the one thing I have stayed true to is putting on my running shoes and enjoying some personal time.

I became a huge fan of Crunch Fitness when I first moved to New York City. The Christopher street location was my sanctuary and the minute my watch striked 5:00PM, I was out the door, on the subway and headed to the gym. Even as a single person living in the city, there were days that I was not “feeling it” , but once I made it to the gym my mood would instantly lift.


Of course life changes and 3 kids later I have FAR less time to get my gym fix. I have to be creative and exercise at times that are maybe not ideal or even work twice as hard because I know I can’t go as often. I’m so happy to have found a gym that understands all these concerns as a busy mom and has so many options to fit my schedule.

ShreddingShredding offers so much but the most important for me is a sparkly clean facility. Everything is shiny and new and the positivity amongst the staff is truly contagious. Crunch Fitness boast “No Judgments are the Best Kind”.  I may not be the weekend warrior I once was at the gym so joining a gym like Crunch reminds me that fitness is hard but it can still be fun!


I recently took a Body Shred class created by Jillian Michaels at one of the newest locations in New York City on 66th st. The special event was hosted by Brianne Manz,  Stroller in the City. I joined forces with other moms and together we used some muscle groups I’m sure we didn’t know we had! It was such an incredible class and we left feeling revised and stronger for the time we spent focusing on ourselves.

Afterwards we were revived with one of the most deciliuos smoothies Ive ever tasted. The green smoothie from Just Salad was made with avocado, lemon, spinach, agave, and coconut just to name a few ingredients. There were also some tasty snacks from KIND bars and Enlightened.


I’m really excited to try some unique classes at Crunch Fitness this year. I also aim to remain true to myself by constantly challenging my body to work a little harder! #NoJudgments