Holiday Theater for Kids in NYC

There is always something fun to do in New York City for kids, but the month of December takes it to a whole new level! This past week I was lucky enough to attend two holiday shows with my kids and we enjoyed every minute.


Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer the Musical is currently showing at Madison Square Garden until December 18th. It’s a theater performance that tells the classic tale of a reindeer with a red nose and well,,all of us adults knows what happens at the end!


There are some really cute interactive games for the kids so I would recommend arriving a little early! As always, Madison Square Garden does an excellent job providing the cutest souvenirs my kids can’t resist.

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Seeing the story unfold on stage with a live audience was truly magical. My children were mesmerized and I have to remind myself this is completely new to them. When I was growing up there were only a handful of holiday specials, but now the classics are growing in number and we have to be mindful to keep the older ones alive!

The musical was definitely a modern take on this timeless classic as the actors made jokes on stage and even my 8 year old son joined in the laughter. All the familiar characters made an appearance and the crowd favorite was Bumble who was larger than life.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is a great musical for adults and children. There is something for everyone and no one can deny the nostalgia that is felt at the end.

Another wonderful children’s performance is now playing at the New York City Children’s Theater. Ballerina Swan & The Nutcracker is playing at the Clurman Theater now through December 18th as well. Check out Sophie the Swan’s new dance adventure!


My daughter has never sat through an entire play before, so I was a little nervous. However, the performance was so exciting she loved every minute of the ballet dancers on stage.


The story was very sweet and tied in the holiday classic Nutcracker theme. I loved watching her little face as the classic music by Tchaikovsky brought everything to life.

At one point the dancers asked the little ones to stand up and dance along. This was so exciting and gave every child a chance to stand and pretend to be a ballerina.


The cast was wonderful and the intimacy of the theater was not in the least bit intimidating or overwhelming. I could see my daughter following along with the story and I can only imagine what she may have been thinking.

My daughter and her Bestie (fabgabblog) loved the performance and we can’t wait to tell our friends about it!


Happy Holidays!