Dressing up with Pippa & Julie

Each year during the holidays there are so many parties, events, family dinners and celebrations. I’m a mom who loves dressing up her girls and I know the time will not last forever when I can put bows in their hair and matching dresses. There is nothing better than finding a perfect little dress for your daughters and seeing them smile when they put it on!


Each holiday season I turn to Pippa & Julie to find dresses for my girls. I can always count on this timeless brand to have such beautiful, sophisticated, and modern designs.


I feel such a connection to the Mother/Daughter design duo behind Pippa & Julie. Every piece is deigned in their hometown of New York City and influenced by areas such as Greenwich Village and Park Avenue. There is a good mix of downtown vibes where I used to reside in the village and the uptown sophistication of Park Ave which is where I moved once married. Pippa & Julie does an excellent job of making every piece truly modern!



Pippa & Julie makes it clear their dresses are for children of all shapes and sizes. Also, they create dresses for little ones who want to feel beautiful regardless their gender identity.

As a mom, I love that Pippa & Julie clothing is not only beautiful but can also easily be washed and laundered. Your child can have fun and not have to worry about “ruining” their dress.



To see all the beautiful designs of Pippa & Julie please visit www.pippaandjulie.com

Have a magical Holiday season!