Celebrate New Year’s Eve with the whole family at Eataly NYC Downtown

Every year my husband and I have the same conversation of discussing plans for New Year’s Eve. Every other year we are just back from Holiday travels so we are more than happy to stay in and relax with the kids. On the off years we try to plan something more “adult” and kids free. However, once I heard about the New Year’s Eve offerings at Eataly NYC Downtown this year, I knew we would all be happy!


Eataly NYC Downtown is having a celebration for all ages before bedtime. From 5PM-9PM there will be plenty of festivities for the kids as well as adults. A countdown to midnight in Italy will happen at 6PM. I can’t wait to toast with my family (the little ones will be clinking their mocktails) and my husband I will be having a glass of bubbly.

Tickets to this special evening include drinks (Prosecco for adults and mocktails for bambini), kid-approved Italian dishes (think: pizza and pasta), and hands-on games and activities. My three kids range in ages from 8 to 1 and I know there will be something for everyone!


If you have visited Eataly recently you may have noticed the large boxes of Panettone everywhere. Panettone is Italy’s beloved holiday cake. The kids and I will be sampling this delicious cake and hot chocolate for dessert.


We’ve had so many wonderful memories as a family in 2016 and I’m thrilled we will celebrate together ringing in 2017.

La Piazza and Il Pesce
December 31, 5 to 9 p.m.

Happy New Year!