Making Music Together with Smarter Toddler

What is it about music that brings everyone together? As soon as people hear music they become happier, smile, and visibly change their demeanor.  My kids have always loved music and they instantly become energetic when it’s played.


My very first parent-child class that I signed up for with my now 8 year old son was Music Together. He was just 4 months old at the time and to be honest I was just looking for a way to meet new mom friends for myself.  I did meet a great mom in class but more importantly introduced my son to music in a way that I didn’t realize at the time was so unique and special.


Music Together provides a song book and DVD to all families so they can continue the music making at home by singing along with the whole family. There are also suggested activities in the songbook which can add to the fun! Children can sing and dance along to the music they have been listening to in class.


Music together is offered as an enrichment program in a classroom setting at Smarter Toddler. As a parent, this makes me so happy to know my girls are getting the same musical experience as my son did so many years ago. My 3 year old daughter comes home singing the Hello song and it brings back wonderful memories.


Music Together allows children and siblings to participate at their own level. While one child, such as my youngest, may be crawling towards a musical instrument another child, like my older daughter may be singing and dancing. The rhythmic beat led by the instructor encourages the children to select a musical instrument and go along with the beat.

Every Music Together teacher has been specially trained to foster an easy, enjoyable atmosphere for the children. I love the calm vibes of the class and watching the teachers mesmerize the children with songs, chants, combined with small and large movements. Each child is free to become as involved as they would like. Some days my daughter is an observer and others she is singing along at the top of her lungs.


Starting the  Music Together program early is so beneficial because it provides children with all the ingredients for music learning. It allows them to actively explore sounds  in a music-making community. It also helps when parents and teachers can sing along to the songs they are learning to create a strong bond through music. To see my daughters face light up when I turn on the music at home is priceless.

I’m so delighted each week to read the teacher’s comments at Smarter Toddler on my daughters daily communication sheet. They always have such positive notes about their time during Music Together.

Recently I attended a special Music Together performance at Smarter Toddler and was so impressed how my oldest daughter sang along and my little one moved to the beat. The setting is always inviting and children are not scared to do whatever makes them happy. I watched how confident my daughter was singing and tapping the floor with her hands with the teacher. My youngest also became very excited hearing the sounds and she moved her body along.fullsizerender-33

Music truly is a way to bond with our families. I am so grateful for the special moments Music Together is providing my girls  at Smarter Toddler. Soon, I will be talking more about music development in children…. but until then I’m singing the Goodbye song in my head… “Goodbye, So Long, Farewell”!