Hello – A fresh take on toothpaste

As a busy mom of three I have a lot to worry about on a daily basis. Wondering what harmful chemicals could be lurking in my children’s toothpaste is one battle I don’t want to fight. I was so thrilled to discover Hello. Hello has been around in the adult marketplace with naturally friendly toothpaste and breath freshener for awhile. Hello has now launched a children’s toothpaste line which is a total game changer in our home.



No one can argue that getting your child to brush their teeth is no fun. It doesn’t help when they go twice a year to the dentist and are offered  flavors like strawberry, grape and even cake batter toothpaste.


Finally a company has connected the dots and created a completely safe and great tasting toothpaste for kids. There is a completely safe toothpaste for kids of all ages that is fluoride free. The natural watermelon tastes amazing and there are no dyes, artificial sweeteners or SLS.


There is also a fluoride toothpaste available for kids ages 2+. The blue raspberry and bubble gum are perfect  for my kids and you can guess who chose which flavor! Hello toothpaste prevents cavities, strengthens enamel, polishes and brightens + tastes awesome!


Develop a crush on your brush today and head over to www.hello-products.com