Bringing home baby with Monica + Andy

There are so many last minute things to do when preparing for a baby. Their arrival is not always on time so for many, including myself, I wanted to make sure everything was as ready as possible.  Lucky for me, my 3rd child arrived a solid week late so I had a little extra time to try and make things extra special.

One of my favorite things to do was shop for a “coming home” outfit. I put so much effort into this preparing for the birth of my son 8 years ago. I shopped around, looked for something very special and completely not practical. I realized quickly as I was dressing him in the hospital what a mistake I had made. Not only was his outfit complicated and cumbersome but it didn’t fit, didn’t cover his hands and was just all around wrong. I definitely had some different visions in my head about everyone oooing and aaahing over my new bundle of joy in his outfit. Our NYC cab driver certainly didn’t notice or care ha-


Take 2 – my middle daughter was born and I was still somewhat wanting an impractical cute outfit because after all it was my first girl and pink and lots of pink was necessary! There were so many choices available but in the end you just need to get your baby home from the hospital as comfortable and uncomplicated as possible.


While researching outfits for my third, I came across a brand unfamiliar to me called, Monica+Andy. I was so intrigued when reading their story and definitely needed to find out more about this brand. Monica+Andy was created by a  mom who also cares about making things better for her children.


I love the concept behind Monica+Andy. They aspire to be the most thoughtful children’s brand. As much as I love fun and exciting clothes, it doesn’t make me feel good knowing that certain fabrics could be toxic and depositing terrible chemicals onto their precious skin. Each product that Monica+Andy creates is made from carefully sourced fabric that is lead, phthalate, and flame-retardant free. They use only the softest muslin cloths and materials that allow kids to move and play.


One of my favorite products from Monica+Andy has to be the essential “cuddle box”. This box can be ordered in advance if you know the sex of your baby. If for some reason your baby makes an early appearance or you’re waiting for a gender reveal, Monica+ Andy has an expedited shipping option that will ensure your coming home cuddle box arrives to the hospital. NYC and Chicago even have a same day service! Each box contains a super soft muslin blanket, an adorable kimono+pants and a top knot hat. There are a few different options to customize your own box to fit your needs. Each box is delivered in a super cute gift box and is sure to make any new parent smile.


Monica+Andy has an entire line of beautiful clothes. Your child can grow in fabrics that are designed for maximum comfort and mobility. Their clothes are not only friendly, but also extremely stylish with a beautiful color scheme for both boys and girls. It makes me feel good as a mom knowing that my baby is wrapped in something so thoughtful.

Monica+Andy has been featured in People, US Weekly, In Style, WWD, Pregnancy & Newborn and the Chicago Tribune. To learn more check out their entire line.