BABYZEN YOYO – Trendy, Innovative & Compact

Living in New York City, It’s no secret i’m always on the hunt for my next stroller.  Simply stated, my stroller needs change as my kids grow.  With three kids, I need all the help I can get and that includes a well designed stroller.


In the past, Ive considered always keeping a big bulky, large tire stroller in my NYC apartment because I “needed” it.  Everyone seems to have one and I need one too! This past summer I noticed a smaller and very sleek looking stroller. It immediately caught my eye and of course I was intrigued.


After seeing a demonstration at a local baby store in Tribeca, Babesta, I fell in love with this stroller.  The YOYO by BabyZen is stroller perfection!  It’s lightweight without looking “flimsy” and literally folds into a small square for easy travel.


I was shocked at the ergonomic design and effortless swivel of the wheels.  It handles like a big stroller but the frame is overall very small and compact.  The seat reclines and there is a nice canopy for your little one.


With three kids, I’ve had my fair share of strollers that claim to be easy to fold  and unfortunately they never are! The YOYO folds completely in a few easy steps. The compactness of this stroller is truly amazing and to top it off, the YOYO stands on it’s own when folded without tipping over.


With so many sleek features, the YOYO by BabyZen is an obvious choice for a travel stroller but keep in mind it’s so much more! The YOYO can replace any bulky oversized stroller you may be holding on to.



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