Erasa XEP 30 – Allure’s Best of Beauty

This time of the year always wreaks havoc on my skin.  Between being a full time working stay at home mom and managing my photographing business during the busy holiday season, I have little time to dedicate to my beauty regimen. I have been lucky to test out some awesome products this Fall season and one of my favorites has been the Erasa XEP 30 extreme line lifting and rejuvenation concentrate.


I struggle with the usual suspects so many women are familiar with.  Fine lines, sun damage from the good ol’ days, and uneven skin tone.  Lets not forget about dryness from being over caffeinated and overall skin appearance from just being tried.

Erasa XEP 30 works as fast as I do! In approximately 2 weeks I was able to notice a difference in the overall texture and appearance of my skin. My sun damage seems to be lighter and my skin appears overall brighter!  XEP 30 contains synthetic neuropeptides that relax muscles and help smooth lines and wrinkles.  Whey protein and creatine are also used to increase collagen production.

You can use Erasa XEP morning and night under your normal regimen. Because of the “tacky” texture I prefer to use it only at night which means it will last  me twice as long! Three pumps is enough to cover all the target areas on my face.

If you are feeling impatient with any of your current favorites, I suggest you give this a try and see for yourself what all the hype is about.  Erasa XEP earned a spot in the coveted line up of the 2015 Allure magazine Best of Beauty awards.

If anyone is looking for a last minute holiday gift, any special person in your life of a certain age would love this!

Happy Holidays,