Mama Swappies – Fashion Exchange

I recently attended the first ever Mama Swappies event in downtown NYC.  The ladies behind the operation felt this would be a great fit for moms based upon the amazing feedback from their children’s events “Little Swappies”.


There were so many great things about this event… where do I begin! First off, it gave me a reason to dive into my closet and pull some favorite pieces that I know longer wear for various reasons.  These are not items I would necessarily toss to the curb, but more or less items that I love, still love, hate to part with, but who am I kidding… I will never wear it again!

The Mamas Swappies event was held in a gorgeous townhouse in Tribeca, hosted by Nest Seekers.  There were so many amazing sponsors on each of the 3 floors (yes, 3 floors!).  Not only was I able to mingle and network with familiar and new moms, but we were exposed to some really cool and innovative products.


Being a bonified skincare junkie, I loved hearing about Arianna Skincare Line and will definitely look forward to using their products in the future.  The skin renewal cream was amazing just on the little skin patch that was treated.  There was also an in home dry cleaning product, Dryel that I will be testing out very soon! Surburban Jungle was on hand to discuss moving to the suburbs (a conversation every Manhattanite has).  Quad jobs was at the event to discuss a new service that sources college and grad students to tackle basically any job you may have!  Priv was hosting a braid bar where moms could have some fun trying out a new look, and there were plenty of yummy treats from Angela’s candy bar!


While the ladies were mingling and mixing, the Mama Swappies behind the scenes were busy at work setting up the bedrooms and closets with all of our clothes, handbags, accessories, shoes, coats and more.  I have to admit, I was really excited to be given the green light.  Once we were let in, it was a little funny to see all of these grown women so excited to get their hands on something new.  Multiple times I saw something of mine go into someone’s hands and I was genuinely really happy to see it find a new home.


Going into the event, I was unsure of what the outcome would be, but rest assured, if there was a winner… I definitely feel like it was me! I scored a new (yes new with tags from Bloomies) Donna Karen midnight blue leather jacket, a gorgeous floral maxi dress, and a beautiful double chain necklace I can wear with anything!






As I mentioned Mama Swappies developed from Little Swappies which started in 2012.  By exchanging items that are useful Little Swappies has kept 50,000 items out of landfills by passing along their like-new kids clothing, books, and toys to others in their communities. This is HUGE and I feel really great doing my part to help in whatever way I can.  Reduce, reuse and recycle are all important words we should be teaching our kids and leading by example is best. I have not been to a Little Swappies event yet,  but I am really looking forward to the next one.

Please note all items not exchanged are donated to a local charity.

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