Irresistible Me – Professional Diamond Hair Straightener

I have a lot of obsessions in my life but one I take very seriously is my hair. From an early age my mom would take me to her “hair dresser” and I have to give her props for teaching me how to take care of my locks.  To this day I do not brush through my wet hair and never over process or over style with heat products.  I love the look of straightened and curled hair but do not want to pay the price with damaged, unhealthy looking hair.


I was beyond excited to discover a new product to the market with ground breaking technology.  The Diamond Hair Styler by Irresistible Me is a digital SMART iron and uses DIAMOND Hi Tech which coats the ceramic plates with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline.  This may sound very high tech, but basically it means your hair will look silky smooth after using the iron and you can also feel good you are not damaging your hair.

The technology protects  your hair and locks in the natural oils, color and moisture as it’s working to straighten your hair. I should also mention the straightener is excellent at creating loose waves or curls as well.  However you decide to style your hair, it will last all day even in high humidity climates.

Another feature I love on this product is the digital temperature display mode.  You can manually adjust the settings.  Personally I like a higher temperature for the back of my hair and bottom layers and turn down the temperature for the front of my hair.


As a busy mom I’m always in a hurry and love the freedom this iron gives me in having great looking hair in a matter of minutes.  The retail price is currently $119.00.