Spider Camera Holster a photographers dream

This past Fall I attended the largest photo event in North America, the Photo Plus Expo at the Javits Center in NYC.  Every year I make my through the aisles, checking out new gadgets, possible buying something I should have bought the previous year, and always on the look out for the next best thing. This past year I found it! I met with the brand rep for the Spider Camera Holster and he was so nice to show me the system.

For years I have been dealing with camera straps.  They are always in the way, uncomfortable, and inevitably  my neck and back always hurt by the day’s end.  This genius system is a low riding belt that connects your camera with a metal plate.  You have easy access to your camera by simply grabbing it from the holster and sliding it back in when not in use. I must admit, I was completely leery of the way the rep was just basically dropping it in and letting go of his professional camera, so he unstrapped the belt and adjusted it to my waist. He recommended it is better to have it sit a little lower on your hips for comfortability so this is what I did.  I was amazed at the way my hands were suddenly free and I had complete use to do whatever I needed to. I should mention I am a family portrait photographer in NYC, so I spend most of my time chasing little ones or lightly posing families etc.  Most of my outdoor sessions take place in Central Park, so being able to hang my camera in the Spider while we walk around is huge!

When I am not in the park, I’m typically in a clients home as I was this morning for a newborn session.  There are plenty of moments when I need to set my camera down, grab something from my bag, etc etc.  In the past I typically leave my camera in one room while I pray the big brother or big sister does think it’s their new toy. Today, I simply put the camera in the Spider and went about my business!

The overall functionality of the Spider Holster is rather simplistic and not complicated at all. There is a metal plate that you will need to attach to your camera and this feature actually slides into the holster with a metal ball type of contraction that rotates as your camera goes on it’s side. I’m not going to lie, I did have my husband attach the plate, but he said it was no problem and certainly did not take the 20 minutes as the instructions suggested.  For more detailed instructions on set up please visit. www.spiderholster.com/pro-setup

I am currently using the Single Holster Pro System. However, for event and wedding photographers, it may be more useful to purchase the Duel Holster Pro System. Essentially, you would be able to have 2 different cameras/lens etc. You can also purchase a large lens pouch attachment which is a great accessory for the single system.  You can keep your expensive lens safe and not to mention have super easy accessibility. On a side note I always keep my flash on  camera for in door sessions and this is not a problem at all with the holster.

There is a slight learning curve after being a lifer with the camera strap and suddenly transitioning to hip level. I learned a lesson this past weekend as a lady completely bumped my camera at St. Patricks Cathedral in NYC as I was photographing a Baptism.  In hind site if in a small environment, you definitely need to either turn to the side or place your hand in front of the camera for added protection.  Otherwise, kneeling, jumping, laying on the ground, or standing in a chair, the  Spider Holster never fails!

I am in love with the freedom the Spider has given me. I have been searching and searching for a new camera strap that I did not dislike and this is the perfect solution! Being a woman, I am also concerned with looking somewhat cool while carrying a monster camera and the Spider has a great look! For me, I will not go back to the strap and I am looking forward to using a Duel System when the situation calls for it.  In every situation, a photographer needs to set his camera down…. this is the best solution I have ever seen!

The Spider Holster also has one other accessory I have to talk about call the “Spider Monkey”.  These are little clips that are used to hold an extra flash, light meter, or battery pack.  I was also told that memory card holders are coming soon.

Please visit SpiderHolster.com for a detailed description of all the products, warranty information, and even videos.  As always, please follow Spider Holster on all Social Media Channels!